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New ILT Training in Q1, 2024

Find Ericsson's newest collection of Instructor-Led courses, launched in Q1 2024.
New ILT trainings in Q1, 2024

We have recently launched a wide range of new Instructor-Led Training (ILT) telecom courses and the latest editions of previous courses for Q1 2024.

Our training lineup features a dynamic mix of live sessions showcasing innovative new courses and refreshed offerings. With our experienced instructors guiding you every step of the way, you will effortlessly navigate through each topic, gaining the knowledge and skills essential for industry excellence.

While we focus on preparing you for new skills, we ensure our earlier courses remain relevant. Discover our most impactful courses for updating your skills below; check them out now.

Explore our new ILT courses and refreshed offerings.


CCES 1 Operation and Configuration
CCPC 1 Operation and Configuration
PCC 1 (Mobility Controller) Operation and Configuration
PCC 1 (Gateway Controller) Operation and Configuration
PCG 1 Operation and Configuration
Telco Overview for Non-Telco Operators


Physical ENM (pENM) System Administration
ENM Operations for 5G RAN (Add-on Exercises)
ENM Operations for 4G RAN (Add-on Exercises)


Ericsson Catalog Manager (ECM) Technical Foundation
Ericsson CEE 10.6 Operation and Administration
Ericsson OMC 2.3 Operation and Administration


Router 6000 IPv6 Fundamentals and Routing
Router 6000 MPLS and VPN Technology, Operation and Configuration
Router 6000 Synchronization, Operation and Configuration
Router 6000 Quality of Service (QoS) Fundamentals


Stay ahead in the telecom industry by exploring our latest upskill offerings in ILT courses.


5G RAN NR N23 Features and Advanced Functionality


vDSC 1 Operation and Configuration
vAFG 2 Operation and Maintenance
WMG 2 Operation and Configuration
LPG 1 Operation and Configuration
CCSM 1 Operation and Configuration (Add-on exercises)
CCDM 1 Operation and Configuration (Add-on Exercises)
CCRC 1 Operation and Configuration (Add-on Exercises)
5G Core e2e Network Troubleshooting (Advanced Workshop)
PCFW 1 Operation and Configuration

User Management

SAPC 1 Operation and Configuration


Ericsson CCD 2.26 Operation and Administration


MINI-LINK 6600/6200 Maintenance and Troubleshooting
MINI-LINK 6600/6200 Commissioning and Basic Operations (Add-on exercises)
MINI-LINK 6600/6200 Advanced Ethernet Functions and Synchronization
MINI-LINK 6600/6200 IP Operations
MINI-LINK 6600/6200 Quality of Service Operations
MINI-LINK 6600/6200 Ethernet Protection and Capacity Booster Operations

At Ericsson, we are proud to be part of your learning journey. Thank you for choosing us as your professional development partner. We are here to support your ongoing success.

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