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Latest Live (ILT) Training in Q2, 2024

Latest Live (ILT) Training in Q2, 2024

Ericsson's new Instructor-Led courses

New additions to our Q2 2024 Instructor-Led Training catalog

Explore our comprehensive Instructor-Led training catalog with new courses and refreshed content, offering professional development and learning opportunities.

Introducing the latest edition of our Q2 2024 Instructor-Led Training (ILT) telecom courses! We are excited to announce the expansion of our training portfolio with new courses and updated offerings. Explore learning opportunities in Radio, 5G/IoT, Core, ENM, Cloud, and Transport.

Stay current with us as we enhance existing courses to remain relevant. Start your learning journey today and stay ahead of the curve!

Ericsson Network Slicing

Meet the expert and learn about the concepts, functionality, and Ericsson Network Slicing Solution.

Explore our latest additions:

SC 1 Operation and Configuration for EPC and IMS

Optimize 4G/5G signaling with Ericsson SC 1 for maximum connectivity.

SC 1 Operation and Configuration for 5GC

Explore SC 1 architecture, functionality, and operation with 3GPP functions.

vMTAS 1 Operation and Configuration

Gain expertise in vMTAS 1 for MMTel, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi Calling solutions.

vCSCF 1 Operation and Configuration

Explore vCSCF's role in MMTel, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi calling solutions.

vSBC 2 Operation and Configuration

Explore Ericsson vSBC architecture, operations, configuration, vSBG, vBGF network functions.

CCDM 1 Operation and Configuration in EPC and IMS

Learn CCDM architecture, features, operations, and configuration, with practical tasks in fault and performance management.

ENM Operations for Transport Networks (Add-on Exercises)

Enhance your skills in ENM Operations for Transport Networks with practical in GUI navigation, monitoring, and network management.

Router 6000 Operation and Maintenance Fundamentals

Gain essential skills in Router 6000, covering hardware/software, CLI, software upgrades, administration, and security features.

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