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New trainings in Q2, 2023

Discover Ericsson's diverse range of new course collection, launched in Q2 2023.
New trainings in Q2, 2023

At Ericsson Learning, we understand that continuous learning is the cornerstone of personal and professional growth. That's why we are committed to supporting you at every step of the way.

Introducing our diverse, carefully crafted ILT course collection. Explore fresh options and updated offerings in Q2 2023. Plus, exclusive digital courses for All Access subscribers. Stay ahead of the curve and excel in your chosen field.


Discover our diverse ILT courses, designed for exceptional learning. Acquire new skills or update existing ones, tailored to your needs.



WCDMA RAN EVO-C 8200 Troubleshooting, LZU1089165-R8A
5G Overview, LZU1084181-R4A (updated)
5G RAN NR Initial Tuning, LZU1082984-R4A (updated)
5G RAN NR Air Interface, LZU1084178-R3A (updated)
Ericsson Radio System Overview, LZU1089991-R10A (updated)
LTE (4G) to NR (5G) RAN - Operation and Configuration Delta, LZU1082916-R4A (updated)


SIP/SIP-I Advanced in MSS, LZU1082291-R2A
CCSM 1 Operation and Configuration, LZU1084418-R1A
CCSM 1 Operation and Configuration (Add-on Exercises), LZU1084421-R1A
CCDM 1 Operation and Configuration (Add-on Exercises), LZU1084422-R1A
CCRC 1 Operation and Configuration (Add-on Exercises), LZU1084423-R1A
CCES 1 Operation and Configuration, LZU1082988-R4A (updated)
CCPC 1 Operation and Configuration, LZU1082993-R3A (updated)
PCC 1 (Gateway Controller) Operation and Configuration, LZU1082996-R4A (updated)
PCC 1 (Mobility Controller) Operation and Configuration, LZU1082995-R5A (updated)
PCFW 1 Operation and Configuration, LZU1084323-R2A (updated)
CCES 1 Operation and Configuration, LZU1082988-R4A (updated)


Ericsson CEE 10 Operation and Administration, LZU1084449-R1A
Ericsson NFVI 7 end-to-end Full Stack (Advanced workshop), LZU1084451-R1A
Ericsson CNIS 1.8 Operation and Administration, LZU1084452-R1A


ENM Python Scripting, LZU1084447-R1A


Cloud RAN Fronthaul with Router 6673 and Radio Gateway, LZU1084464-R1A



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That's all for this quarter's newsletter! We hope you find these updates and resources valuable in your learning journey. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback. Keep learning, growing, and exploring new horizons!

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