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New trainings in Q3, 2023

Discover Ericsson's diverse range of new course collection, launched in Q3 2023.
New trainings in Q3, 2023

We are delighted to unveil our latest course lineup, thoughtfully designed to meet your specific learning needs. This collection includes a mix of brand-new courses and recently updated offerings in ILT format, accompanied by exclusive digital content exclusively available to All Access and All Access PLUS subscribers. Keep leading in your industry and take your career to new heights with us.



Explore our diverse ILT courses for a tailored learning experience.



5G RAN NR N23 Features and Advanced Functionality, LZU1084460-R1A
LTE L23 Performance Management and Optimization, LZU1084476-R1A
5G RAN NR Coverage and Capacity Dimensioning, LZU1082803-R7A (updated)
5G RAN NR Performance Management, LZU1082805-R7A (updated)
5G RAN Operation and Configuration, LZU1082806-R6A (updated)
Massive MIMO/AAS Operation, Configuration and Troubleshooting, LZU1084161-R4A (updated)
RAN Architecture Evolution to 5G, LZU1084180-R4A (updated)
5G Overview, LZU1084181-R4A (updated)
5G RAN NR Protocols and Procedures, LZU1084205-R5B (updated)
5G RAN NR High Band - Functionalities and Implementation, LZU1084313-R2A (updated)


CCES 1 Operation and Configuration, LZU1082988-R4B (updated)
5G Core e2e Network Troubleshooting (Advanced Workshop), LZU1084273-R3B (updated)


EO Cloud Manager 22 Operation and Administration, LZU1084453-R1A


ENIQ-S: NetAn Operations and Analyses Design, LZU1084445-R1A
ENM Troubleshooting Fundamentals, LZU1082971-R2A (updated)


CDD Operations and Lifecycle Management, LZU1084458-R1A
CDD Operations and Lifecycle Management – Custom Workshop, LZU1084459-R1A


Ericsson Charging Rating Management, LZU1084441-R1A
Ericsson Charging Architecture and Features, LZU1084442-R1A
Ericsson Billing System Scenarios, LZU1084466-R1A
Ericsson Charging (EC) System Administration, LZU1082927-R3A (updated)
5G Charging Access Function (CAF) in Ericsson Charging, LZU1082936-R4A (updated)
Ericsson Billing (EB) Database, LZU1082965-R2A (updated)
Ericsson Billing Partner Management, LZU1082967-R2A (updated)
Ericsson Billing e2e Operation and Configuration, LZU1082968-R2A (updated)


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We have transformed the homepage for All Access subscribers, ensuring an enhanced and seamless experience. Our major updates include organizing technology area categories and learning paths into dedicated sections and introducing a new content area that will continuously refresh with the latest, most relevant information to keep you informed and engaged. Dive in and explore the improved and streamlined interface we have designed just for you!


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We are excited to introduce you to the Ericsson podcast series, conveniently accessible right from the bottom left corner of your homepage. Happy listening!


That's a wrap for this quarter's newsletter! We trust that you will discover these updates and resources to be invaluable in your learning adventure. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback. Continue on your path of learning, growth, and exploring new frontiers!

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