New trainings in Q3, 2021

Ericsson Learning Services announces the release of following courses for Q3 2021.
Released Courses in Q3 – 2021

Dear valued customer,

We are pleased to share a list of Ericsson courses released in Q3 2021.



5G Overview Online, LZU1084279-R1A
5G RAN NR N21.Q2 Delta, LZU1084244-R1A
5G Core e2e Subscriber Data Management, LZU1084274-R1A
5G Core e2e Use Cases (Advanced workshop), LZU1084273-R1A


ENM 21 Operations for Transport Networks (eLecture), LZU1084228-R1A

User Management

NeLS Operations (eLecture), LZU1084275-R1A


LTE L21 Advanced Radio Network Features, LZU1084267-R1A
LTE L21 Carrier Aggregation - Design and Optimization, LZU1084268-R1A
LTE L21 Performance Management and Optimization, LZU1084271-R1A
LTE RAN L21.Q2 Delta, LZU1084270-R1B
LTE RAN Protocols and Procedures (eLecture), LZU1084239-R1A


ENM 21 Operations for Transport Networks (eLecture), LZU1084228-R1A


Ericsson Catalog Manager (ECM) 21 Modelling, LZU1084249-R1A
Ericsson Catalog Manager (ECM) Foundation, LZU1084247-R1A
Ericsson Order Care (EOC) 21 Administration, LZU1084245-R1A
Ericsson Order Care (EOC) 21 Developer, LZU1084246-R1A
Ericsson Order Care (EOC) Foundation, LZU1084248-R1A


EDA 2 Operation and Provisioning for 5G Core, LZU1084299-R1A
ENIQ-S & NetAn 21 System and Application Administration, LZU1084264-R1A
ENM 21 Operations for Transport Networks (eLecture), LZU1084228-R1A
Ericsson Network Location (ENL) 1 Operation and Maintenance, LZU1084298-R1B
NetAn Operations and Analyses Design, LZU1084265-R1A
NetAn Foundation (eLecture), LZU1084266-R1A


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