Releasing virtual courses for Q1 2020

Ericsson Learning Services announces the release of following courses for Q1 2020, which are also available as virtual deliveries.
Ericsson Learning Services

We are pleased to announce the release of following courses for Q1 2020, which are also available as virtual deliveries.

Released courses, Q1 2020


LZU1082915-R1A, 5G RAN NR N20 Functionality
LZU1082916-R1A, LTE (4G) to NR (5G) RAN - Operation and Configuration Delta
LZU1082902-R1A, LTE Foundation for 5G (eLecture)
LZU1082885-R1A, 5G Plug-in Overview (eLecture)

Network manager

LZU1082852-R1A, Small Integrated ENM (SIENM) System Administration
LZU1082894-R1A, CNOM in ENM (eLecture)
LZU1082881-R1A, ENM 19 Delta Q3
LZU1082880-R1A, ENM 19 Operations for Transport Network
LZU1082895-R1A, ENM 19 Operations for Radio Access Network (eLecture)


LZU1082892-R1A, EPG 3 Operation and Configuration
LZU1082920-R1A, CUPS Configuration


LZU1082875-R1A, LTE RAN L19.Q2 Delta
LZU1082918-R1A, LTE RAN L19.Q3 Delta
LZU1082919-R1A, LTE RAN L19.Q4 Delta
LZU1082882-R1A, LTE RAN Initial Tuning
LZU1082888-R1A, LTE L19 Performance Management and Optimization
LZU1082891-R1A, LTE RAN Radio Network Design
LZU1082889-R1A, LTE L19 Radio Network Functionality
LZU1082886-R1A, LTE RAN Air Interface
LZU1082883-R1A, LTE L19 Advanced Radio Network Features
LZU1082884-R1A, LTE L19 Carrier Aggregation - Design & Optimization
LZU1082887-R1A, LTE RAN Protocols and Procedures
LZU1082896-R1A, WCDMA RAN Overview
LZU1082904-R1A, GSM RAN System Techniques
LZU1082905-R1A, GSM RAN G19 2019 Delta


LZU1082817-R1A, Router 6000 R19 MPLS and VPN Technology Operation and Configuration
LZU1082868-R1A, MINI-LINK 6600 M19 Commissioning and Basic Operation


LZU1082846-R1A, Cloud Ecosystem Support-Engineered Intelligent Assets Overview
LZU1082838-R1A, Ericsson Orchestrator Overview


LZU1082527-R1A, BSCS iX Debt Collection


LZU1082903-R1A, Enterprise OSS Surveillance
LZU1082906-R1A, E-OSS Overview

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