Learning Services' readiness for virtual training delivery

Henrik Lundin, Head of Learning Services talks about how Ericsson Learning Services is geared-up to tackle the challenge of training delivery globally!
Henrik Lundin, Head of Learning Services

Dear valued customer,

In this edition of Learning Services newsletter, we ask Henrik Lundin, Head of Learning Services at Ericsson about how Ericsson Learning Services is geared-up to tackle the challenge of training delivery globally!

Hi Henrik!

How are the travel restrictions that many companies have implemented, affecting training globally?

Hello there! We are seeing a sharp reduction in classroom training. We are also seeing many of the planned deliveries being moved into virtual classroom training, and new requests are increasingly for virtual delivery or on-demand digital training products.

What is Ericsson doing to accommodate this shift from on-site to virtual training?

We already have a substantial share of our training taking place virtually or through on-demand digital training. Right now we are preparing for these volumes to increase further while also including the most advanced type of training. One example is a virtual classroom training which is soon to be delivered to Australia by an instructor based in Sweden. The training is on Ericsson’s full cloud stack and includes practical lab exercises for the participants. It doesn’t get much more advanced than that, so I think we are ready to deliver virtually on any request.

What else do you have in your digital portfolio?

In addition to the Virtual Classroom training which is available for any instructor-led course, we also have an on-demand portfolio which ranges from shorter web-based learnings on specific topics to eLectures which are full courses of professionally recorded classroom sessions. We also offer different pricing alternatives for the consumption of the digital portfolio: from licensing of individual courses to all-you can eat subscriptions for 5G and ENM portfolios.

If I want more information, where can I find it?

One way is to go to ericsson.com/training where you’ll find a lot of information as well as who to contact if you want to know more. Another is to subscribe to our newsletter. We hope to see everyone in the next issue with more of the latest developments and offerings!

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