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Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom boost collaboration in 5G Advanced Technology

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In a stride towards advancing Taiwan's 5G development, Chunghwa Telecom and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Press release
Feb 29, 2024
Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom boost collaboration in 5G Advanced Technology
From left to right in the picture are Chung-Yung Chia, VP of CHT Network, Chau-Young Lin, President of Chunghwa, Alex. C.C. Chien, President of Chunghwa Network, David Chou, President of Ericsson Taiwan, Chris Houghton, Chief Operating Officer of Ericsson, Chafic Nassif, Senior Vice President and Head of Ericsson Northeast Asia, Patrick Chuang, Head of CHT Account, Ericsson Taiwan.

The agreement aims to bolster collaboration in 5G-Advanced technology, focusing on Extended Reality (XR), time-critical communication, industrial automation, 5G RedCap, AI-driven network energy-saving solutions, and intelligent network operations. This partnership also sets the stage for early research and development of the next generation of mobile technology.

The collaboration specifically targets the advancement and commercialization of 3GPP Release 18 (R18) related technologies. R18, set to be officially frozen in March 2024, signifies the commencement of 5G Advanced technology, building upon the groundwork laid by 3GPP Releases 15, 16, and 17. These technological advancements are anticipated to serve as the foundation for future 6G networks, facilitating a seamless transition between 5G and 6G.

Both Chunghwa Telecom and Ericsson have longstanding involvement in 3GPP, contributing significantly to the standardization and development of mobile technologies. The collaboration on future commercialization of R18 technology aims to optimize existing technical performance and address the requirements of the next generation of mobile technology.

In addition to supporting technical requirements for XR, 5G RedCap devices, and network energy efficiency, AI and machine learning (ML) will play a crucial role in 5G-Advanced technology. Chunghwa Telecom has successfully implemented Ericsson's AI-powered smart energy solution, saving up to 34 percent of potential energy consumption without compromising user experience. This lays a solid foundation for building a high-performing and sustainable network to accommodate the anticipated growth in mobile data associated with advanced applications.

Furthermore, Ericsson will continue assisting Chunghwa Telecom in transforming into a hybrid cloud core network. Cloud-native architecture is crucial for communication service providers to meet the demands of emerging 5G and subsequent 6G business environments. Cloudification, separating software and hardware, enhances network efficiency and automation, playing a vital role in managing costs in the increasingly complex network environment.

Chunghwa telecom and Ericsson sign MoU at MWC2024


Alex Chien, President of Network Technology at Chunghwa Telecom, stated, "With invaluable partnership with Ericsson, our technology leadership has brought us on top in numerous mobile network benchmark tests. By jointly exploring the latest 5G Advanced technology, this MoU further solidifies our commitment in building a top-notch and sustainable network to enable the transformation to a low-carbon economy. "

Chafic Nassif, Senior Vice President and Head of Northeast Asia, witnessed the signing of the MoU. He says: "At Ericsson, our goal is to create a mobile-first world powered by cloud and AI, where differentiated high-performance networks available everywhere. I am thrilled to see our collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom going further in 5G Advanced technology and move us toward a mobile-first world.”

David Chou, President of Ericsson in Taiwan, emphasized the potential of 5G, stating, "Our advanced AI and ML technology will further enable intelligent network operations, leading to optimized energy efficiency. We are committed to supporting Chunghwa Telecom in unleashing the full business potential of 5G with a green network while propelling the 5G evolution."

The MoU was signed on February 28, 2024, at the Mobile World Congress by Alex Chien, President of Network Technology at Chunghwa Telecom, and David Chou, President of Ericsson in Taiwan. Ivan Lin, President of Chunghwa Telecom, and Chafic Nassif, President of Northeast Asia and Senior Vice President of Ericsson, served as witnesses.