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Chunghwa Telecom saves up to 34 percent energy with Ericsson's AI-powered solution

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  • The Ericsson AI-powered Service Continuity solution delivers an impressive 34 percent of energy saving on Chunghwa Telecom’s network
  • The AI/ML based temperature prediction solution supports Chunghwa Telecom to enhance autonomous network operations and minimize environmental impact


Press release
Mar 05, 2024
Chunghwa Telecom saves up to 34 percent energy with Ericsson's AI-powered solution

GSMA research indicates that over 40 percent of global telecom operators, including Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom, have committed to ambitious Net Zero targets. Chunghwa Telecom recently implemented an Ericsson AI-powered smart energy solution, achieving a significant 34 percent reduction in energy consumption. This move not only cuts operational costs but also shows progress in sustainability efforts within the mobile industry.

In global mobile networks, the radio access network (RAN) often consumes over 80 percent of energy. To address this, an Ericsson AI-powered smart energy solution, part of Ericsson's Service Continuity AI app suite, employs advanced AI and machine learning to automate network monitoring and optimization. Through big data modeling, it predicts network loads for energy efficiency and includes features such as deep sleep mode, reducing energy expenses without compromising user experience.

President of Network Technology at Chunghwa Telecom, Alex Chien, shared his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "Leveraging Ericsson’s technology leadership, we are delighted to see the impressive result in base station energy consumption reduction though our partnership. This advanced AI technology accelerates our journey towards a low-carbon future, positioning us as a leading operator in sustainability."

In addition, to manage increasing network complex, Ericsson has developed a tailored network temperature prediction solution for Chunghwa Telecom. Built on Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform, a cloud-native automation platform for RAN, this customized solution utilizes temperature sensing chips for real-time checks. Employing AI and machine learning to analyze temperature data, the solution predicts fire likelihood within five minutes, reducing the frequency of site inspections and minimizing environmental impact. This approach enables Chunghwa Telecom to achieve autonomous network operation while striking a balance between nature conservation and the digital economy.

“The success deployment of these two AI-powered solutions demonstrates our joint commitment in creating a sustainable environment,” says David Chou, President of Ericsson Taiwan. “Together we can break the energy curve and reach intelligent network operations through Ericsson’s holistic approach, while delivering the best-in-class customer experience. The collaboration between Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom aims to build a sustainable and intelligent mobile network for the future.”



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