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Ericsson Site Energy Orchestration

Ericsson Site Energy Orchestration

Monetize your energy advantages

Take the leap beyond energy efficiency

Communications networks are a bedrock of society. Its energy demands can get expensive and unexpected crises could impact its availability. The intelligence of Ericsson Site Energy Orchestration plays a key role in reducing energy cost and creating new revenue streams while boosting the robustness of the 5G mobile network.

Ericsson Site Energy Orchestration

An increase in the use of electric-powered vehicles, scooters and more  is stepping up demand on the power grid. The ongoing transition to renewable energy sources, which vary in output, makes it more important to match power generation with consumption.

Site Energy Orchestration is a combination of machine learning (M/L) and AI RAN applications (rApps) acts as an interface between global networks and the energy grids on cost control, allowing communications service providers to reduce energy OPEX without affecting the user experience. 

The solution not only reduces energy cost but also unlocks opportunities to generate new revenue.

Key benefits

Reduce energy cost

Reduce energy and operational cost with no impact on user experience.

New revenue

Participating in the Energy Market and become a Virtual Power Plant.

Towards Net Zero

Increase renewable energy and avoid fuel-based generation.

Why energy orchestration

why orchestration

With the shift to fossil-free energy generation and electrification, power grid owners also need support to meet new challenges emerging from this ongoing transformation in energy generation and consumption

Main forces challenging grid robustness are:

  • bottlenecks in transmission capacity
  • growing share of intermittent energy sources such as solar photovoltaic/wind
  • reduction in the share of rotating mass for electricity balancing in the power grid

In the transformation of the power grid, enlarging the energy reserve capacity is imperative to ensure stability, making the balancing of every electricity grid the new norm. For power grid owners to meet this they can receive support with various energy ancillary services from stakeholders in the energy ecosystem.

Telecom network site owners, who own and control the passive equipment at the site with energy storage capability including renewables, can be part of the energy ecosystem and participate in the various energy ancillary services.

Networks need to minimize its energy consumption while maximizing  the use of stored energy at network sites including renewables, which requires a transition toward an intelligent energy setup and an integrated approach to energy management and orchestration.

Ericsson’s Site Energy Orchestration is designed to support our customers in addressing the new challenges that come with the transformation in energy generation and consumption.

The Site Energy Orchestration solution uses machine learning and AI-powered RAN applications (rApps), RAN Data and external data interfacing. The solution enables service providers to cluster hundreds or thousands of sites and orchestrate the network sites as a virtual power plant among other applications, allowing CSPs to participate in various utility plans in different markets. 

This solution intelligently optimizes cell sites’ daily energy consumption patterns to avoid peak charges in bills, channeling energy only when and where needed. This optimizes operations, which lowers costs including energy bills, and potentially gaining future revenue from new avenues from the various energy ancillary services such as energy spot market and energy trading exchange markets.  

Already now Ericsson OPEX features in commercial operation show significant reductions in energy bills through deploying methods like peak shaving, load-shifting features and using hybrid energy with onsite renewables and lithium batteries.

Why energy orchestration
"At TDC NET we see great value in using our state-of-the-art mobile network for power balancing to support the green transition. We welcome Ericsson’s efforts on this front and look forward to their new Site Energy Orchestration solution to support us in reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.” 

- Søren Elsborg, Vice President Mobile Innovation, TDC NET

“Odido and Ericsson are working closely together in the area of site solutions and site energy management to make our network smarter and more sustainable. We are looking forward to the introduction of the Ericsson Site Energy Orchestration solution that enables network level orchestration to reduce energy costs as well as support the energy transition and opening use cases leveraging the energy stored in our network sites.”

- Robert Kaptein, Principal Network Deployment, Odido

Ericsson unveils new solution for intelligent use of energy in network sites

Much of society runs on networks. This makes it vital to ensure that networks are efficiently powered while using existing energy infrastructure. The new Site Energy Orchestration solution from Ericsson acts as an intelligent bridge between the radio access network (RAN) and power grids, optimizing operations to boost energy cost savings, reduce carbon footprint and open new revenue streams. 

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