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Smart microwave expansion recommendations

Smart microwave expansion recommendations

Smart microwave expansion recommendations

For communication service providers (CSP), network performance is the key for determining the expansion needs of the microwave network. With just the right level of microwave planning, CSPs can run a congestion free network. This paper explores how you can achieve superior radio access network (RAN) performance with a superior transport network with minimum investment.



The user experience for mobile subscribers generally depends on the RAN technology deployed by the CSP as well as the available bandwidth in the transmission network. All subscriber-generated data, whether you are searching the internet or socializing on an application, pass through the CSP’s transport, or in other words, transmission network.

Each CSP’s microwave topology and link utilizations are unique. Just like each country is unique in many of these aspects, each CSP’s transport network is also unique and therefore requires customized attention.

In today’s dynamic and continuously evolving network environment, Capex investment optimization is one of the top challenges for our CSPs.

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Key highlights

  • Microwave backhaul is widely used in mobile networks to connect sites. Microwave spectrum can be anywhere between 4-80GHz with 4-42GHz referred to as the traditional band, and 80GHz as E-band.
  • To expand the microwave link capacity, there are several ways like increasing the channel space, using higher modulation, using higher frequencies like E-band, and combining bands together in a multi-band form.
  • This paper focuses on its importance in planning the microwave capacity expansion in a smart way in order to maximize the capacity with the minimum cost.
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