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Secure your business with Ericsson Security Manager

Telecom security is essential for operations and reputation

Securing your business from telecom specific threats will help you stay up and running while meeting the increasing need for relevant security information to regulatory stakeholders and enterprise customers.

Realize immediate business value with Ericsson Security Manager

Network and revenue uptime

Network and revenue uptime

Telecom security threats can expose your network to critical disruptions. At best there’s a loss of performance for your non-mission critical customers. At worst you risk large-scale network destruction eliminating revenue streams for days.

Limit incident costs

Limit incident costs

Every incident mititigated saves cost for recovery and compensation. In the aftermath significant resources are often required in development of new non-standardized processes to mitigate incident re-occurance, regain favourable govermnment attention and public trust.

Security as a business

Security as a business

Enterprises are adopting increasingly sophisticated cellular technologies using edge computing and network slicing to deliver on business objectives. As a result, the number of possible threat vectors and the willingness to pay for mitigation, is increasing at a rapid pace.

Ericsson Security Manager is made to drive efficiency

Telecom security needs to be managed efficiently in order to be effective. With ESM you can:

  • Automate cumbersome telecom security tasks, reducing common manual errors
  • Reduce need for additional headcount as regulatory pressure increase
  • Keep logs and track history for efficient incident handling and external communication

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