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5G enables a wide range of new services - from support of massive media distribution to remote operation of machines and smart metering. This will result in very diverse requirements on the network. Characteristics such as latency, resilience, availability, performance, throughput, and security will look very different depending on the type of service.

Our 5G core network is designed with the concept of network slicing. The network is logically separated for different purposes, with each slice providing customized connectivity and features. This allows for the network to simultaneously meet many different requirements.

Cloud-optimized network applications are developed specifically for deployment in distributed cloud environments, while delivering 5G service characteristics.

We are describing our view on cloud-optimized network applications and important related business and technology topics such as design principles, 5G cloud data layer and cloud automation in a series of five articles:

  • New business opportunities with 5G and cloud
  • The business values of 5G cloud-optimized network applications
  • 5G cloud data layer
  • Design principles for developing cloud-optimized network applications
  • Zero-touch networks with the 5G cloud-optimized network applications

Cloud-optimized network applications, learn how to get it right

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New business opportunities with 5G and cloud

Network slices with cloud-optimized applications, using cloud native design principles, advanced automation and resource orchestration, are key capabilities for the 5G service delivery. Cloud-optimized network applications are developed for deployment in distributed cloud environments.

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Cloud-optimized network applications will have both business and technical implications. Learn more about how to get it right from our article series.

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