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5G will impact the entire mobile network and associated eco-system, from devices to radio access, IP core and into the cloud. Ericsson’s Award Winning 5G Radio Test Bed and new 5G Radio Prototype innovations focus on the interactions between mobile devices (used by both people and things) and the radio access network, both indoors and outside. However the first step will be a transformation to a 5G ready core and transport, using technologies like NFV, SDN and network slicing, enabling speed, agility and efficiency when introducing new service for example Internet of Things, IoT.

As with past mobile generations, leading operators are keen to gain a first-mover advantage in 5G. Working with these operators, Ericsson is leading the development of new 5G technologies to ensure early success and enable rapid adoption of 5G-enabled applications.

Evolving to 5G

5G subscription uptake will commence in 2020 and is expected to be faster than for 4G. The development of 5G is being driven by new use cases that will impact both consumers and industries. New applications and use cases anticipated for 5G include safe, self-driving cars, remote controlled robots, haptic feedback-enabled drones and fixed wireless access - rivalling fiber capacity - for residential homes. As a result, mobile operators are today planning for their 5G future.

AIR 6468

Shift into the next gear

With the AIR 6468 5G NR radio, Ericsson is first to deliver all components of a 5G access network and support mobile operators with 5G components - such as massive MIMO and multi-user MIMO - as early as 2017.

5G NR Radio
Creating the first building blocks for 5G

Plug in to the 5G future

Forty percent of the world’s mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks and we enable these networks to flexibly evolve based on user demand, new applications, and local market requirements. With Ericsson 5G Plug‑Ins, mobile operators can begin to trial and implement 5G technology as early as this year, and evolve to 5G at their own pace.

5G Plug-Ins
Users need app coverage indoor too

Delivering extreme app coverage

With gigabit LTE and elastic RAN, new radio and microwave products within the Ericsson Radio System operators can delivers extreme app coverage to meet the ever-growing needs and opportunities of the Networked Society - on the road to 5G.

Gigabit LTE
Commuting man with laptop

5G systems

The 5G architecture will be cost-efficient to operate and have agile and flexible mechanisms in place for swift introduction of services. These properties are required to enable new business models.

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5G ready core

5G ready core enables ICT transformation and provides the agility, speed and efficiency required by new services and the massive scale demands introduced by billions of IoT devices.

5G ready core
Ericsson Radio System backhaul

Microwave backhaul on the road to 5G

Microwave backhaul can deliver superior performance and low cost of ownership. That’s why microwave networks remains a popular and flexible backhaul alternative today and on the road to 5G.

Microwave backhaul

New offering

Shift your network into the next gear

With the AIR 6468 5G NR radio, Ericsson is first to deliver all components of a 5G access network and support mobile operators with 5G components - such as massive MIMO and multi-user MIMO - as early as 2017.

World’s first 5G NR radio

5G partnerships

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SK Telecom, a 5G hero changing the world

Meet the 5G heroes at SK Telecom, see our collaborative efforts on the new 5G technology and the network slicing proof of concept. Learn about the impressive trial results where our radio access products are tested for low latency and throughputs of up to 27 Gbps. 

A crowd of people

5G Heroes - changing the world

Connectivity will never be the same. Meet 5G Hero NTT DOCOMO and learn about the tests and trials being as they move towards a 5G future.

5G prototypes

Demo: MU-MIMO, Massive MIMO and Beam Tracking

Dr. Dag Lindbo, 5G Research Software Lead at Ericsson, presents a live demonstration of Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes achieving peak throughput of more than 25 Gbps using MU-MIMO, beam tracking and Massive MIMO.

Live Demo at MWC 2016: Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes

Live demonstration of Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes using MU-MIMO to support both fixed and mobile devices, maintaining reliable, multi-Gbps connections using beam tracking. The Radio Prototypes demonstrated are also supporting Massive MIMO, combining MIMO and beamforming with a large number of antenna elements to improve both the throughput and energy efficiency of the network.

5G radio prototypes for live field trials

Per Beming, Chief Architect, Business Unit Radio at Ericsson introduces the Ericsson 5G Radio Prototype. The compact design and “carry-on” size of the new 5G prototypes enable operators to field trial advanced 5G features, including Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) and beamforming across multiple sites in their own network environment.

Building tomorrow's networks

Advanced and flexible networks will support fast introduction of new offerings which are differentiated or tap new value chains. Learn more about how we are developing networks supporting the frontrunners of tomorrow - with five key success factors in mind.

5 factors for success