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Ericsson in Aachen

Ericsson in Aachen

Welcome to the Ericsson Eurolab in Herzogenrath near Aachen

Located in the heart of Europe, we are one of Ericsson’s largest European research and development centers. Founded in 1991, we have 600 Research and Development employees from more than 40 countries today, working on the latest 5G and soon 6G releases of mobile network technologies with the benefit for consumers and industries in mind.

In focus

The Ericsson Eurolab

We are one of Ericsson‘s largest European research and development centers, close to the city of Aachen.

Become a part of the innovation culture

Customer centric

Customer-driven and employee generated innovation has been on the agenda of Eurolab since its beginning.

Cloud Native – Automation – Hybrid Cloud

Software development

We develop resilient, manageable, and observable cloud-native Software.

Innersource and Opensource

Explore 5G

5G is a technology that enables innovation in industry communication and much more.

Come with us on an exciting journey

Continuous learning

Our people are at the heart of contributing to technology that makes people’s lives better.

Be part of our global team

Diverse Eurolab culture

This is what Eurolab is all about: You, our Business, our Environment and cross-team Collaboration.

Grow – Enjoy – Inspire


The Ericsson Eurolab

The Eurolab in Herzogenrath, close to the city of Aachen, is one of Ericsson’s largest research and development centers in Europe. Founded in 1991, we have 600 research and development engineers today, working on the latest 5G and soon 6G releases of mobile network technologies – always with the benefit for consumers and industries in mind.

We are a truly international R&D organization. With employees from more than 40 countries, we have established an intercultural workplace, where we value diversity, inclusion and mutual respect as our basis for excellence and creativity. Our company language is English.

Our people have an intrinsic curiosity and passion for technology and how we can apply it to our products and solutions to provide the best of the best mobile networks to our customers. As technology is changing and transforming all the time, our competence needs, and our work keeps changing as well. But that’s cool, because we like to get challenged as this provides the basis for our success and innovation.

Our teams have fully adopted a lean and agile way of working and mindset, in everything we do. That allows us to adapt fast to the ever-new market needs and developments.

10 years collaboration

In all of our work, customer centricity is top of mind. How can we enable, how can we support, how can we surprise our customers, so that they stay in the lead? We are actively working with a German, European and global customer base, in order to be able to provide them with market leading products and services.

Collaboration is key for a successful team result – inside teams and across teams. We believe that diversity is our foundation to create innovative solutions and continuous learning will keep us at the forefront of business and technology. Our engineers connect to the global Ericsson organization, and to our global customers, every day.

Curious? You share our passion for technology, innovation and customer-centric solutions?

Then become a part of our team!


Customer-centric technology innovation


"State of the Art" software development and technologies

Cloud-native application design has become a standard practice in the telecom industry, due to the major efficiency gains it can provide, particularly in terms of speeding up software deployments of new features. We at Eurolab have actively explored the potential of cloud-native computing in the telecom industry, as well as joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) a few years ago.

Microservices form – as in many other scenarios – the building blocks of a cloud-native application. These microelements are characterized by a wide reuse in various products, some are even mandatory, so that the same “look and feel” and a common north bound interface (NBI) are delivered to customers.

Software Development and Technologies
SW development and technologies
Inner Source

Every microservice is meant to be used by multiple applications and shall be open to collaboration. Developers can contribute to an existing service, to fix bugs or to implement new features.

Open source

The open-source community projects are Software (SW) projects towards which Ericsson has regular contribution activities. Those contributors are closely linked to the development teams of Ericsson and work on a commonly defined purpose.


Explore 5G


Continuous learning and employee development

Our people are at the heart of contributing to technology that improves people’s lives. Being part of our global team means being able to shape the future of technology, such as enabling and empowering 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and Smart Manufacturing; just to name a few.

We aspire to be the leader in the area we operate and innovate in. Never-ending curiosity, continuous learning and constant individual upskill & reskill is our foundation to remain competitive as a company.

Continuous learning and employee development
Continuous learning and employee development

For us, learning is a habit – we learn every day: by ourselves, as well as from and with others. To nurture this habit, we provide all our employees with access to a vast range of learning offerings on dedicated platforms where Ericsson internal, but also external material is stored, which can be browsed by all our employees.

Continuous learning and personal development is at the heart of our People strategy. Join us and become a part of #TeamEricsson!


Eurolab culture and spirit

Infographic - Diverse culture
Our office


Ericsson GmbH
Eurolab - Unternehmensbereich Forschung und Entwicklung
Ericsson-Allee 1
D-52134 Herzogenrath
Phone number: +49 (0) 2407-575-0