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Ericsson in Germany

Ericsson in Germany

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Ericsson 5G: Innovation made for Germany

Ericsson is the world leader in communications technologies and services. Ericsson's core business is equipping mobile networks, and the company is one of the most important providers in this field: 40 percent of the world's mobile traffic is handled by Ericsson network technology. One particularly important business area at the moment is the introduction and continuous advancement of the mobile communications standard 5G.

In Germany, Ericsson has been active for more than 60 years and employs 2,400 staff at 12 locations. Approximately 1,000 of these employees are working in the area of research and development (R&D). The headquarters is located in Dusseldorf. Ericsson's customers in Germany include Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefónica. With the help of its technology, Ericsson is also making a significant contribution to implementing the Gigabit Strategy in Germany.

Find out more about our local activities, engagements, news and innovation work throughout this page which provides an overview of all relevant topic areas, highlighting research & development made in Germany, our 5G initiatives & Industry 4.0 reference cases, recent events, as well as latest publications for policy makers and press releases.

Ericson Germany
60 +
years active in Germany
employees in Germany
~ 1000
R&D experts in Germany
locations across Germany

Research and Development in Germany


Our research centers in Germany

Ericsson 5G and Industry 4.0 milestones in Germany

For an overview of the milestones towards 5G standardizations and commercialization and Ericsson’s related contributions globally, in Europe and specifically in Germany, please view the following timeline highlighting 5G technology developments, reference collaborations and commercial agreements with eco-system partners from ICT, various industrial sectors, politics and academia.

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Reference overview of Ericsson powered industrial 5G network deployments and commercial implementations covering most demanding Industry 4.0 use cases across various industrial sectors in Germany

Event overview

Ericsson Insights: Update on latest "5G for Industry" engagements across Europe
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Ericsson Insights: Achieving sustainability through connectivity: How can 5G contribute? 
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Innovation at Ericsson

Government and Policy Advocacy (GPA)


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