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Co-create at Ericsson D-Fifteen

Combining the latest tools and technologies, Ericsson D-Fifteen is your space for transforming customer challenges into viable IoT solutions. Attend collaborative workshops, develop prototypes, or put your innovations to the test inside D-Fifteen Labs, where you can access hyper-speed 5G networks. From smart cars to augmented-reality factories – join us as we uncover its limitless potential inside D-Fifteen.

An inspiring space to drive AI potential forward.

Artificial Intelligence is changing how industry operates. At Ericsson D-15 AI, we help partners explore the benefits of AI-integrated innovation. Together with our team of industry experts, you can refine solutions that adapt to real-world challenges – combining cutting-edge technology, hands-on expertise, and vast amounts of data to deliver viable products and services.

See Nimish Radia Ph.D., Head of Global AI Accelerator & Ecosystem North America, reveal the potential of AI driven innovation at Ericsson D-15 AI.

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Watch Amy McCune, Head of Manage Services North America, explain how AI can be leveraged to increase efficiency.

Building together with AI

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We build, test, and adapt AI integrated solutions with our partners – leveraging industry expertise and vast amounts of data from our extensive global networks.

Ericsson Building together with AI

Empowered through an extensive AI ecosystem, we develop real-world solutions and share the results universally through the Acumos open source framework.

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Championing the innovative spirit of the world’s brightest minds, we tap into the talent pool from leading American universities to explore and develop AI potential.

Enhanced communications through AI

Artificial intelligence is expanding opportunities for communications service providers, and at D-15 AI we help you discover these possibilities. Become an early adopter of AI-based solutions and benefit from network advancements and improved end-customer experience.

Network intelligence with 5G

The integration of 5G technology creates new challenges for mobile communications service providers – from network complexity to the need for diverse service requirements. By incorporating AI into networks addresses these setbacks, while enhancing the customer experience.

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Increase operational efficiency with AI

Developed for service providers, the Ericsson Operations Engine is an AI-based, end-to-end managed services operating model. Using AI, automation and the power of data, it evolves operations from reactive to proactive – improving network design, optimization and maintenance.

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Also at Ericsson D-Fifteen

D-15 IoT Studio

The D-15 IoT Studio delivers new levels of collaboration. Roll up your sleeves alongside Ericsson engineers to discover, develop and connect the next-generation of IoT Solutions.

D-15 IoT Studio team

D-15 Labs

Tired of waiting for 5G? At D-15 Labs, you can test advanced solutions and technologies on our live, multi-layered 5G-platform. Uncover valuable insights and evolve designs in real-time.

D-15 Labs team

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Ericsson D-Fifteen is located on the ground floor to the left of the main entrance.

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