Digital skills for students

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived, and a need for new skills is emerging. Digital skills are at the center of this revolution – and have become a prerequisite for the future workforce.

It’s essential for the children and youth of today not to develop not just basic digital literacy skills, but higher-level skills too. These higher-level skills, such as computer programming and coding skills, have been known to support higher-order mental development as well as encourage under-represented groups to pursue advanced education to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In response to this demand, Ericsson provides online and face-to-face programs that target different age groups and competence levels with digital skill development programs, including programs designed to develop and attract talent into the ICT industry.

Kids looking at a tablet

Our other focus areas

Digital connectivity for schools

Accelerate digital connectivity to schools to create positive impact.

Girls in ICT

Empower women and girls through ICT to improve gender equality.

Education in humanitarian contexts

Empower young people in crisis situations through ICT-led education.