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In line with our corporate citizenship initiatives, Ericsson employees are encouraged to do volunteer work of up to one day per year. This is a great opportunity for our staff to actively contribute to the communities in which we operate around the world.

Ericsson employees can do one full day of volunteer work or can split up the hours over several occasions and several initiatives. We also offer longer term projects where employees can dedicate several weeks of volunteering, such as Ericsson Response and project engagements like Connect to Learn

The opportunities to volunteer differ from country to country. At Ericsson we focus on the following five categories:  

  • humanitarian relief 
  • education and digital inclusion 
  • climate and environment protection activities  
  • community capacity building 
  • diversity and inclusion (D&I)

Diversity and inclusion underpin all the categories

Work is ongoing to expand the volunteer program during 2022 to offer employees a larger choice of inspiring and meaningful opportunities.  

What is volunteering

Volunteering is defined as employees using their work time and skills to support an organization or a cause. The activity supports a meaningful employee experience and creates a positive impact in communities and in society. 

Volunteering at Ericsson is governed by our Volunteer Framework where we, amongst other things, identify organizations that we support and those we do not.

Ericsson Response

Hear from Lars Ruediger, Program Director, Ericsson Response. Since its establishment in 2000, Ericsson Response has consistently demonstrated the powerful role information and communication technology (ICT) can play in relief efforts by providing internet access to humanitarian workers in disaster areas.

Connect To Learn

UNESCO estimates that 62 million girls remain out of school. Against this stark backdrop there has been tremendous progress in the availability of mobile broadband. As mobile broadband becomes even more ubiquitous reaching to the most remote regions of the world it offers unparalleled opportunities to transform education.

Sponsorships and donations

To learn more about our approach to Sponsorships and donations here.