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Next generation high-performing, sustainable antennas

Built on the new honeycomb structure

Gateway to high-performing, energy efficient networks

We all know that operators have a difficult challenge: how can they achieve best network performance and efficiency while at the same time help reducing operational site cost? Antennas are a key part to this puzzle, and Ericsson Antenna System creates precise engineered antennas that serve as a gateway to higher performing, more energy efficient networks.

New honeycomb structure launch video | 0:41 min

Last year we set new benchmarks in the industry, with live network benchmark tests in Europe, US and showing up to 57% higher uplink throughput performance and 29% reduction in power in overall network. With the next generation antennas, we are looking forward to helping our customers maximize their network investment in this way, with brand-new hardware and a world-first honeycomb antenna design system.

The honeycomb structure

Our cutting-edge passive antenna structure is set to redefine the standards of sustainability and cost efficiency in the telecommunications industry. Designed with precise engineering and a commitment to environmental responsibility, our antenna structure promises reduced environmental impact and significant cost savings throughout its lifecycle.

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Performance enhancement

More uplink throughput, less interference

Experience unprecedented levels of performance with our antenna structure, featuring precise building practices that enable higher beam efficiency, better Passive Intermodulation (PIM), and improved Uplink (UL) performance. Say goodbye to interference and hello to seamless connectivity.

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Sustainability focus

Built on honeycomb structure, reduced embodied carbon footprint

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Wolrd's first honeycomb structure boasts a remarkable 49% reduction in embodied carbon footprint, thanks to its lighter structure and 100% recyclable radome. Embrace technology that not only performs exceptionally but also cares for the planet.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings

Efficient deployment

Efficiency is at the core of our design philosophy. With precise engineering techniques, we've achieved a remarkable 24% reduction in weight and improved wind load by 20%. This translates to lower site investments and simplified deployment, ultimately leading to significant TCO savings for our clients.

Features and benefits

Advanced engineering

Our antenna structure is meticulously engineered to deliver highest performance, ensuring maximum throughput and minimal interference.

Environmentally conscious design

With a focus on sustainability, our structure reduces carbon footprint without compromising on quality or durability.

Cost-effective deployment

Save time and money with our lightweight design, which streamlines installation processes and reduces overall site investments.

Future-proof technology

Built to adapt to evolving telecommunications needs, our antenna structure guarantees long-term reliability and efficiency.

First example of our new high-performing sustainable antennas

Antenna 4206 in urban area

Our new Antenna 4206 2L 4M 2.1m

Introducing our latest 12-port antenna with our new revolutionary honeycomb structure. Covering frequencies from 698 MHz to 2690 MHz, it offers optimized performance with vortex generators. Supporting 4T/4R and 4T/8R configurations, this lightweight antenna at 28kg ensures seamless connectivity for diverse applications.

Key benefits​

  • Enabling PIM -153dBc @ 2x30W, improving uplink performance
  • Up to 85% beam efficiency, radiating where is needed
  • 49% reduced embodied CO2 and 24% reduced weight
  • Leading wind load, 20% further enhanced
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In a recent benchmarking study performed by a leading operator, Ericsson Antenna Systems delivers significantly better energy performance, expansion efficiency and overall cost of ownership, compared to its peers. 

More performance. More sustainability. More openness. More automation.

12 new radio, software, transport and antenna innovations to help service providers to increase energy efficiency, maximize spectrum utilization and own high-performing networks. In addition, complete radio line-up prepared for Open RAN.

Ericsson Antenna System portfolio

Antennas and their optimized network components are a key part to this puzzle, and Ericsson Antenna System, an integral parto fo Ericsson Radio System creates precise engineered antennas that serve as a gateway to higher performing, more energy efficient networks. With high-performing products in the following areas: passive antennas, active antennas, filters and combiners, tower mounted amplifiers, feeder system, and accessories.