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Why it’s time to ramp up your 5G deployment strategy

Business leaders are clearly ramping up digitalization, and the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic has only increased their efforts. A spotlight has been shone on the importance of connectivity – with millions of employees supporting society and customers while working from home. As a result, accelerating 5G rollouts is becoming increasingly important.

Marketing Manager Telecom Core Business Area Digital Services

Why it’s time to ramp up your 5G deployment strategy

Marketing Manager Telecom Core Business Area Digital Services

Marketing Manager Telecom Core Business Area Digital Services

I’ve been working in the telecom industry for a long time. When I started, the “killer application” was mobile voice services and our industry controlled the value chain from end-to-end, including the sales channel. This value chain was hit by technological transformation, and things changed dramatically. Under the pressure of commoditization, the industry was forced to focus on providing connectivity, just like the power industry provides electricity.

A new wave of transformation is on the horizon

Change is a constant. Today, we’re experiencing a powerful trend where all industries are being digitalized to larger or lesser extent. Connectivity is at the foundation of this new digital revolution, and everything is becoming connected. Both 5G and 5G Core can be gamechangers in the battle against commoditization. They enable new ways of offering connectivity which are tailored to meet different requirements for different use cases. New parameters like ultra-reliability and low latency can be added to the service innovation toolbox – and offer new opportunities for growth and value capture.

The new 5G system not only offers differentiated connectivity, but also the opportunity to build a platform that exposes a multitude of capabilities towards existing or emerging ecosystems, enabling new use cases for both industry applications and consumers.

The window of opportunity

As for any business opportunity, it’s important to engage early with customers and partners to really understand their requirements and needs to formulate a successful strategy. With businesses all around the world accelerating their digitalization projects, the market is heating up and attracting new players who are interested in grabbing a piece of the pie. However, no single player will be able to provide a complete solution.

Collaboration and combining capabilities from different players will be the name of the game. Partnerships will be formed and ecosystems will evolve, enabling service innovations based on new business models.  To be a winner in this game you cannot be late when it comes to showcasing your capabilities and contributing to value creation. We believe that accelerating your 5G project is something you need to consider to mitigate the risk of losing out on valuable business opportunities and improved value capture.

A holistic view

By taking a holistic view of your 5G deployment strategy and dividing it into building blocks that can be executed at a pace that supports your strategy it’s possible to accelerate your 5G rollout.

When working together with leading service providers around the world, we’ve seen the importance of breaking down traditional silos and creating a collaborative environment.

Traditional steering documents, like the business, network and operational plans have to be developed with a much higher degree of collaboration than in the past. Network plans and 5G deployment strategies also need to be developed based on business goals. Ensuring that operational skillsets and processes are in place to support business operations is equally important.

The building blocks

We’ve identified six important building blocks or key areas to consider during your 5G deployment project and evolution to 5G Core.



We have released a new paper explaining how Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core solution can support your 5G journey.


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