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Ericsson in top 50 companies to work for in Spain

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Ericsson has been named among the top 50 companies to work for in Spain according to Forbes, a prestigious multisectoral ranking that has now gained even more relevance due to the pandemic. In this blog, Head of People at Ericsson Iberia, María Luz García de Castro, tells us how we have been managing our people in Ericsson and what it means for us to receive this recognition.
Ericsson in top 50 companies to work for in Spain

During this difficult year, it has been challenging for employee adaptability and companies’ flexibility to enable a better balance between work, private life, and professional growth. It is the achievement of this balance that  positions Ericsson amongst  more than 2,000 companies analyzed by Sigma Dos, in the top 50 companies to work for, according to Forbes Spain. This recognition brings us pride and will inspire us to continue to put people at the center of everything we do.

This recognition comes as a result of our efforts to work in a more flexible way, where people and their well-being are our top priorities. This, alongside the fact that we’ve been able to put our people, their safety, and their health above everything else, is what has helped us to overcome the difficulties we were confronted with in 2020 .

A journey with a focus on people

The beginning of 2020 brought  huge changes to our ways of working. It was also a time where we adopted a clear position at Ericsson – namely in regard to our commitment , to the well-being of our employees.

Since then, we have fully monitored the evolution of the pandemic at all levels. We count on a team of professionals representing all areas of the company who meet regularly to analyze the situation to make the appropriate decisions (working from home, adaptation of offices, providing tools to work from home and so on). In addition, we launched specific surveys to better understand our employees’ welfare status, concerns, needs, among other critical factors, so that we could act more effectively.

In this sense, communication and exemplary collaboration of our teams has also played a key role during this stage. For us, collaboration means cooperating with colleagues from different backgrounds, levels, and with different skill sets to draw on each other’s strengths. We encourage our colleagues to ask, and share insights to identify a  clear  way forward together. To maintain motivation at work and amongst our team, we have adopted more empathetic and open communication dialogues that have allowed us to retain a close and a tight-knit workforce.

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The work during this difficult period, which we continue to do today, has been overwhelming, but the results we see today have proved our approach regarding the need and value of the measures we have taken was the right one. Our position has always been, and will continue to be, to ensure the health and safety of the people we work with, which we consider a priority that comes above any other business issue.

The triumph of our values

At Ericsson, we have a strong corporate culture which prioritizes people, where flexibility and diversity management were already top priorities prior to the pandemic. For many years, we believe that our role, as an employer and as a socially responsible company, must be based on the representation of our values: Respect, Professionalism, and Perseverance.

Beyond the extraordinary situation we experienced in 2020 and our focus on our employees, we are a company that is part of defining of the future, thanks to technology; a future that is heavily driven by sustainability, diversity, and digital inclusion. That said, our focus on people goes far beyond responsibility to our employees, it is also reflected in a real commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in our fight to ensure that the greatest number of people have quality access to the Internet and in the belief in the value of diversity, especially gender diversity.

Today, with vaccines and scientific and technological advances, we are beginning to see hope, especially as we edge slowly towards health and social normality. But we still must continue working together for these values that today—in unity with the effort and dedication of our employees—have placed us among the top 50 companies to work in.

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