Vodafone Netherlands: Trust through competence


Vodafone Netherlands chooses Automatic Data Retention Solution from Ericsson.

When a new EU regulation on data retention was passed, and with the corresponding Dutch law being drafted, Vodafone Netherlands turned to Ericsson to provide an integrated solution for data aquisition, storage and retention.

The new directive asks that operators keep more information on voice and data communications and store that information for a longer period of time. Logistically, gathering and storing this information could be a time consuming and expensive process. Vodafone Netherlands decided to look for a partner to assist them in designing, implementing and managing a solution.

Ericsson is a long-term and well trusted partner of Vodafone Netherlands, particularly in the network domain, where it currently supplies a large part of the core and access network. In addition they have a Managed Services agreement for managing the access, core and transport network. Ericsson was not the obvious choice of partner for an Automatic Data Retention Solution (ADRS) and competition was high. Most of the competition was from the IT arena but with the ability to cross the boundaries between the network and the IT world, Ericsson was the preferred partner. Tiedo Baas, Account Manager, Market Unit Northern Europe, Ericsson reflects on Vodafone Netherland's selection: "I think that the primary reason we won the contract is we could offer an end-to-end solution and take on a lead systems integrator role. Vodafone Netherlands also liked the ADRS which we were offering, particularly the fact that it was highly secure and reliable."

The project included delivery of the ADRS as well as Systems Integration and management of the Vodafone Netherlands network under a Managed Services contract. The voice and data information is collected from a variety of systems so it is a complex task to gather it in one place. Ericsson has the necessary expertise to link into the customer's billing and CRM systems and combines this with a unique knowledge of the network. The ADRS solution provides an interface between the network and the various systems and the legal entities which need to gain access to the information. Ericsson developed a well integrated solution to collect and deliver the data and ensure all connections are in place and working correctly. As a result Vodafone Netherlands does not need to take on any extra work to adhere to the new regulations and can be confident that an efficient data management system is in place. For Ericsson this was the first deployment of its kind in the world. The tailor-made solution has ensured that Vodafone Netherlands is a frontrunner in meeting the new regulatory measures. Ger Coolen, Head of Enabling Platforms, Vodafone Netherlands talks about the success of the solution: "The ADRS solution from Ericsson provides us with a unique solution to comply with new legislation on data retention. The project was executed with very good cooperation between our companies, building even further on our existing partnership with Ericsson."


Customer: Vodafone Netherlands

Customer Objective

  • Meet new regulations on data retention
  • Maintain cost and time efficiency

Ericsson Solution

  • Automatic Data Retention Solution
  • Systems Integration
  • Managed Services

Customer Benefits

  • A safe and secure data retention system
  • Integration of information sources
  • Quick and efficient adherence to new directive

Customer profile

Vodafone Netherlands is the second largest operator in the Dutch market in terms of revenue and profitability, with over 4 million customers. It is part of the Vodafone Group, the world's leading international communications group, with equity interests in 25 countries across five continents and over 250 million proportionate customers, as well as 39 partner networks.


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