Bharti Airtel, India: Managing growth


Bharti Airtel chooses Ericsson's managed services in order to succeed in the intensely competitive Indian market.

Bharti Airtel is growing at an unprecedented rate. To support this growth the operator decided to outsource its operations and concentrate on its core focus of branding and marketing.

Bharti Airtel is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the world with close to 100 million subscribers. The operator sees almost 100 000 users join its network every working day with over 30 million making the move in the last year. Despite the economic downturn, confidence is still high in the Indian economy and it remains a major area of telecommunications growth.

Bharti Airtel faces competition from 11 other operators and needs to work hard to maintain its successful position. Hence Bharti recognized outsourcing as an important tool to maximize efficiency and with a long shared history Ericsson was the obvious choice of partner.

Jagbir Singh, Group CTO, Mobility Networks, Bharti Airtel, India explains the rationale behind the decision to opt for a managed services model: "We recognized that through outsourcing we could capitalize on the strengths of our partners. Ericsson's in-depth domain knowledge, economies of scale and ability to attract talent are all areas which can really benefit our business. Our overall objective is to combine cutting-edge technology with capex and opex optimization and grow our market share profitably."

Ericsson delivers full-scope managed services including network design, optimization, operation and field maintenance. Bharti Airtel's infrastructure consists of a range of technologies including GSM and WiMAX. Because of its extensive multivendor experience Ericsson manages Bharti Airtel's GSM and WiMAX simultaneously which simplifies operations and reduces opex.

Since the establishment of the managed services agreement, Bharti Airtel's network quality and performance has peaked and crossed many milestones. Ajay Sood, Key Account Manager Bharti, Ericsson sums up the benefits: "Bharti Airtel realized early on the benefits of collaborating with Ericsson to secure quality and performance while increasing efficiency and lowering cost. It is the ideal scenario for Bharti Airtel and it places them in an even more competitive position for the future."


Customer: Bharti Airtel, India

Customer Objective

  • Delivery of cutting-edge services
  • Optimize capex and opex
  • Retain and grow market share

Ericsson Solution

  • Managed Services

Customer Benefits

  • High quality network services
  • Increased efficiency
  • Strong platform for future development

Customer profile

Bharti Airtel is one of Asia's leading telecommunications service providers. As India's largest integrated telecommunications company in terms of customer base, it offers mobile services, fixed-line services, broadband and IPTV, DTH, long distance and enterprise services.

Bharti Airtel is constantly expanding its footprint with an ambitious growth strategy based on a high quality network and innovative value-added services. Its pan national network reaches more than 80 percent of India's population.

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