Improving efficiencies of water pumps

Grundfos, Denmark


Managing the water usage and operation of a large number of next-generation pumps based on the collection and analysis of performance data.


A global industrial IoT connectivity and eSIM solution from Ericsson enables digital transformation to optimize pump operations.


The solution increased efficiencies in pump operations and service delivery, improving secure access to water and reducing pump electricity consumption and emissions.

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Grundfos drives innovation in water technology with global connectivity

Efficient water delivery management requires an agile IoT ecosystem to collect intelligence from millions of connected assets.

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Active SDGs

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

"We have been working closely as a team to find a setup for global connectivity and what technology to use in our pumps. I see Ericsson and Grundfos working very closely as strategic partners in our ecosystem of our smart pump to get access to the best connectivity solutions and create future solutions together."

- Fredrik Östbye, Chief Digital Officer at Grundfos