Technology for diabetes care

Brighter, Arkessa and Gemalto, Sweden


To improve quality of life and reduce the complications of treating chronic diseases, starting with insulin-dependent diabetes.


Ericsson IoT Connectivity Management makes it easy to monitor and manage diabetes, as well as securely record and share medical data.


The connectivity of the world’s first unified diabetes care device from Swedish health-tech company, Brighter, will help improve adherence to treatment guidelines, bring peace of mind to family members, and ease the burden on healthcare systems around the world.

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Out-of-the-box global connectivity for healthcare IoT

Getting healthcare IoT on the global market requires an ecosystem of operator and enterprise partners.

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Active SDGs

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

“We decided to use 3GPP connectivity for security and scalability. Working with Arkessa and Ericsson, this IoT Connectivity Management solution gives us the control and quality we need to securely handle patient data. We can also guarantee connectivity and device management, no matter where in the world the user happens to be.”

- Truls Sjöstedt, CEO & Founder of Brighter