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Integrated Packet Core Firewall

Protect your 5G Core service availability with a unique combination of user plane security functions providing best TCO.


Secure a better 5G Core network

Securing service availability with dedicated security solutions is challenging in 5G. That is why we are providing an integrated Ericsson Packet Core Firewall.

The Ericsson Packet Core Firewall provides a fusion of user plane security and advanced security functions. It is integrated with Ericsson Packet Core Gateway in Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core offering and addresses security use cases for core network deployments in mobile broadband and IoT segments.

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Value and benefits

Unique all-in-one offering for firewall in network security

Unique all-in-one offering

Our unique all-in-one security offering is integrated in Ericsson Packet Core Gateway. It combines user plane security and advanced threat mitigation to protect against the increased cyber security risks to the 5G network.

  • Dynamic pattern recognition
  • Data roaming protection
  • Subscriber Firewall
  • Protected IPv6 migration
  • Time-to-mitigation
Best TCO with our firewall in network security solution

50 percent better TCO

Our integrated Packet Core Firewall provides more than 50 percent better TCO than any other dedicated security solution, while maintaining 5G latency.

This is enabled by a single cloud native network function (CNF) solution with efficient user session traffic management and no NFVI traffic steering, giving 50 percent TCO savings  in NFVI SDN compared to dedicated security solutions.




firewall in network security optimized for edge

Highly optimized for edge

Your security becomes as agile as your network.

The integrated Packet Core Firewall is highly optimized for edge and distributed deployments with maintained 5G latency. It addresses security use cases for user plane deployments in mobile broadband and IoT segments.

​That means:

  • Less hardware capacity requirements on the edge
  • Reduced orchestration complexity 

Solution description and customer case

Robot beeing monitored by a service man

Solution description: Ericsson Packet Core Firewall

5G Core service availability has become a top concern as a result of the increased attack surface of 5G networks over multiple dimensions.

User plane is the most exposed function of 5G to outside interference. With integrated Ericsson Packet Core Firewall, powered by A10 Networks, you avoid fragmenting your security landscape across multiple products and vendors with a single, all-in-one solution that’s already seamlessly integrated with Ericsson Packet Core Gateway in Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core.

Learn more about our dual-mode 5G Core and how to secure 5G services availability with integrated Ericsson Packet Core Firewall.

Case study: BT's journey toward 5G Core

Learn more about BT's 5G Core solution, there Ericsson’s Packet Core Gateway, as part of the dual-mode 5G Core, consolidate a number of functions including firewall, software probes and network address translation (NAT), as well as utilize additional functions for TCP optimization.  

Read case

Read what the industry and service providers say

“Telecom operators need to think differently about how they implement security with a 5G Core. Ericsson’s Packet Core Gateway together with Packet Core Firewall integrates user plane and security functions in a single Cloud Native Network Function (CNF). This allows significant TCO savings and is well optimized for edge use cases. It also enables automated, closed loop, threat mitigation independent of transport equipment vendor.” Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst of HardenStance

Study by Heavy Reading about 5G core security

This white paper presents key data points from a study addressing the 5G standalone core adoption timeline and the security attributes that CSPs must consider in conveying effective security strategies.

Download white paper

Listen to discussions about 5G core security

Dez Blanchfield interviewing A10 and Ericsson

Watch and listen to the Spotlight series episode there Dez Blanchfield talks to Ericsson's Folke Anger and A10 Networks' Yasir Liaqatullah about the new integrated, cloud-native, cost-efficient security solution that is optimized to scale to the edge.

Webinar: Secure the 5G Core

Listen to the discussion about the security and latency challenges now faced by mobile operators as they begin deployment of their 5G standalone networks.  Ericsson and A10, moderated by analyst Patrick Donegan, discuss the importance of low latency and fast detection in 5G SA and multi-generational networks, in addition to:

  • Industry Status in 5GC Deployment
  • Service Provider Security and Operations challenges
  • A dual mode approach to 5G security
Ericsson Signaling Controller

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