What value can cellular IoT give to your business?

Reduced energy costs, lowered CO2 emissions and added property value are some of the benefits cellular IoT connectivity can bring to the property sector, which is why more and more property managers and facility managers are upgrading their buildings. Run the numbers with our interactive value calculator to estimate cost savings and increased profitability to your business.

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How to use the calculator

Select one or more benefits by checking the boxes to activate or deactivate each benefit individual impact on the business case values.

  • Enter key values (property value, energy consumption, building size etc.)
  • Add any additional costs or savings on a YoY-basis
  • The prepopulated entry numbers in the calculator are based on a mid-sized European proptech company.

What IoT connectivity can do for the property sector

The property sector faces serious challenges when it comes to energy usage and management. Along with growing environmental concerns and rising energy prices, 35% of all buildings in the EU are over 50 years old – and 75% of those buildings are lacking in energy efficiency.

Our report examines how cellular IoT connectivity can turn something expensive and unmanageable into easy, digital management and optimization, saving as much as 10% in annual energy costs and increasing property value.

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