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6G hologram

Ericsson Holographic Communication

It is about representing the real you

A 3D hologram doesn’t look like you—it is you. Holographic Communication provides a real-time, detailed capture of human emotions and expressions, transmitted on today’s network.

Holographic communication refers to real-time capturing, encoding, transporting and rendering of 3D representations.



In one sentence, what is this new solution?

Enabling 3D video calls in mobile networks using todays available devices.


What challenges are you trying to solve through Holographic Communication?

Today only very few solutions exist for holographic communication. The solutions are using special studios with green screen technology and multiple cameras. The hardware and production of content in this environment is limited to fixed locations and is very expensive. We want to change this and ensure that everyone can enjoy 3D communication anywhere and at reasonable costs.


How can your solution solve these challenges?

Holographic communication is using commercially available devices (e.g., LiDAR (3D) camera) in mobile phones) and commercially available AR glasses. The key technology is to perform the compression in real time in the network.

Ericsson Holographic Communication
  • AR glasses
  • 5G phone
  • Lightweight App


  • 3D Camera (on PC, use tablet with inbuilt 3D camera)



Service Provider
  • Compression pipeline
  • 5G SA network
  • Network slicing
  • Edge computing

How did the idea come about?

We first developed video calls for AR glasses and saw a need for holographic communications to be truly immersive, reflecting human experiences and emotions.


What are the main benefits of developing the project within Ericsson ONE?

We've benefited from being a part of Ericsson ONE, our global internal accelerator. With capital investment and coaching we’ve been able to build this new innovation venture within Ericsson at-large.


What’s the current status of the project and what are the next steps?

The project is in an incubation phase while we are building our minimum viable product (MVP). Holographic Communication runs live on a 5G SA network today.

Our next step is to make Holographic Communication available to consumers. We are engaging with world leading mobile operators for joint proof of concepts and field trails.

The team

Ali El Essaili

Ali El Essaili

Co-founder & Head of Holographic Communication

His focus is on XR and enabling immersive media applications on 5G. Research jedi master and driver for holographic communication.

natalya tyudina

Natalya Tyudina

Co-founder & CTO

Her work focuses primarily on XR and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Coding guru and development lead for holographic communication.

Esra Akan

Esra Akan

Lead Designer

Her focus is on the development of the compression pipeline. Esra has several years of experience in prototype development for AR innovation projects.

Jörg Ewert

Jörg Christian Ewert

Business Lead

He is strategic product manager for 5G communication services at Ericsson. He supports the team with business development for holographic communication.  

daniel ljung

Daniel Ljungh

Head Coach

He supports the team to accelerate the growth of the project. He provides experience of starting and scaling startups internationally. Daniel is head coach for holographic communication.