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Autonomous networks

As we move toward intelligent society and industry, artificial intelligence (AI) will be integrated into almost everything – learning, adapting and intelligently automating. The real value of AI, however, is not limited to applications which connect to the network; but will ultimately be realized in the networks themselves, being instrumental for the evolution of the network and an enabler of future network management. This leads us into an era of intelligent, autonomous networks – serving up the speed, scale and capacity of intelligent society and industry – with close to zero touch.

Through extensive domain knowledge, together with one of the largest data sets in the industry, Ericsson is leading industry research into future autonomous networks. With our Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (GAIA), Ericsson data scientists and AI architects are already advancing technologies surrounding self-healing, self-organizing and self-configuring autonomous networks. Only this will be able to sustain the increasing complexity, diversity and density of Industry 4.0 with true ease.


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