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The operations of the future

The operations of the future

AI-driven zero-touch operations

Zero-touch Operations

Future network operations are becoming complex with explosion of connected devices and new services enabled by 5G and IoT. This demands CSPs to embark on a journey towards zero-touch to transform their operations

Leveraging AI in network operations is now critical to leveling up business agility, customer satisfaction, increase intelligence and simplify decision-making processes.

Dive deeper into the operations of the future and zero-touch Operations.

Report: The journey to zero-touch has begun

Many CSPs are well on the path to zero-touch operations with improved customer satisfaction and reduced time to market among the big drivers.

Explore our new report for key insights on the benefits expected, including why one Asia-Pacific operator said that zero-touch operations is essential to the future of their business, as well as the challenges still to be solved.

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On-demand webinar: Learn more about zero-touch operations

Learn how communications service providers are already having success implementing zero-touch operations and what lessons they’ve learned, with expert panelists from Bharti Airtel, OMDIA and Ericsson. Insights include:

  • What are the top barriers and how can they be overcome?
  • In which areas are CSPs having the greatest success?
  • What methodologies are helping tier one operators around the world?
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Blog: How zero-touch operations can save costs and delight customers

In world where the need to efficiently handle increasing data demands is greater than ever, zero-touch operations is becoming essential to unlock innovation while reducing costs and delivering the best customer experience. Explore some key insights and deep dive in some of the solutions for CSPs.

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Guide: Network automation - the journey to zero-touch

In this guide you will learn the importance of automating and orchestrating 5G networks and services. Take the chance to get our insights into the automation journey.

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Operations of the future - The complexity challenge

How can networks tackle the challenge of increased complexity in network operations? Discover how AI and automation are advancing network operations.

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Accelerating the adoption of AI in programmable 5G networks

CSPs have an urgent need to reduce operational costs while leveraging monetization opportunities to exceed customer expectations. In this white paper, industry experts give an overview on how to address some key challenges of the adoption of AI in programmable 5G networks.

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