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Stories from our customers

Vivo, Brazil: Go with the flow

In the heart of São Paulo's business district, smartphone penetration has reached 90 percent. Brazilian operator Vivo required a solution that would improve network quality to ensure a better user experience.

Telstra tests high-speed optical encryption in live network

Telstra teamed up with Ericsson and Ciena to evaluate the latest encryption technology across a 200 Gbps optical network link. Learn about the success of the trial in this video.

Brazil 2014: How to ensure 3.4 million fans can share that selfie

Find out how Brazil's networks handled one of the biggest stadium events in the football calender and one of the biggest social media events of 2014.

Telkomsel, Indonesia: A golden opportunity

Ericsson and Telkomsel take an innovative approach to network optimization by understanding app coverage rather than traditional KPIs.

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