Take cellular IoT to the next level

Explore how 5G URLLC powered Critical IoT takes factory automation to the next level.

Evolving Cellular IoT for industry digitalization

As industries continue to push the boundaries of wireless technologies, new opportunities are opening for service providers within cellular IoT connectivity.

At Ericsson, we’ve set our vision for the evolution of cellular IoT. Our new offerings within cellular IoT will enable service providers to address a larger part of the IoT market – with more advanced use cases, across multiple industries. Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT are launched as new segments, to complement the existing segments Massive IoT and Critical IoT. We’ve also enhanced our Massive IoT offering which, together with new Broadband IoT solutions, are designed to leverage new capabilities across 4G and 5G – connecting service providers with new growth opportunities in industry digitalization. 

Cellular IoT industry engagements

Shifting into high gear with 5G URLCC to speed up factory automation

Partnering with Audi has allowed us to push the boundaries of 5G technologies for automation applications in smart factories.

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Towards Zero: Creating safer roads with cellular-V2X in Australia

Leveraging the existing cellular network, C-V2X communications have the potential to transform our roads and make them safer for everyone.

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In the spotlight

How to make your commute more valuable

Why should time spent commuting be time wasted? Today’s commuters are connected, technologically savvy, and expecting increasingly more from their devices, mobile connectivity, and vehicles on their journeys to work or school. In this Consumerlab report we have gathered the thoughts and sentiments of commuters from 16 major city’s and represents the opinions of 130 million smartphone users globally. We reflect on consumers’ opinions and habits that could be used to offer a more satisfactory commuting experience in the increasingly digital and connected world of tomorrow.

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Key insights

Critical IoT connectivity: Ideal for time-critical communications

Critical Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity is ideal for a wide range of time-critical use cases across most industry verticals, and mobile network operators are uniquely positioned to deliver it.

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The Voice of 5G podcast – An update on Cellular IoT and Dedicated Networks

Tune in to the latest podcast episode to hear Marie Hogan and Thomas Norén give an update about all the fascinating things happening in the area of IoT - and especially in the Critical IoT area where dedicated networks play a vital part.

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5G advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) - a connected vehicles service segment in focus.

Explore three video use cases about the future of ADAS over a commercial 5G network that Ericsson demonstrated in 2020 together with Audi, Pirelli, TIM and others.

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Cellular IoT in the 5G era

Almost every industry can be transformed with cellular IoT. Our new whitepaper shows a clear evolution plan for addressing all 5G-IoT use cases, from basic to the most complex, in a cost-efficient, smooth and future-proof way.

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Webinar: Cellular IoT in the 5G era

Almost every industry can be transformed with Cellular IoT. Hear more about a clear evolution plan for addressing all types of 5G-IoT use cases for consumers and enterprises, from basic to the most advanced, in a cost-efficient, smooth and future-proof way with one 5G network.

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NB-IoT vs. Cat-M1

Get to know the difference between the two technologies.

Bringing 5G to power

Cellular communication is an important enabler for building secure, automated and distributed smart grids.

Transforming transportation with 5G

Connected car technology brings great value to manufacturers and drivers and addresses the growing cellular connectivity needs of this industry sector.


Towards Zero: Creating safer roads with cellular-V2X in Australia

Leveraging the existing cellular network, C-V2X communications have the potential to transform our roads and make them safer for everyone – here’s how. 

Ericsson and Telstra complete ground-breaking long-range NB-IoT connection

Ericsson and Telstra have successfully deployed and tested Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) data connections up to 100km from a base-station in Telstra’s commercial network.

Cellular IoT enables smart Factories

Enabling factory automation by applying the latest cellular IoT technology improves efficiency and results.

Ericsson is leading in cellular IoT

Our customer and partner engagement cover worldwide. Explore examples of our cases here below for:

-      Massive IoT

-      Broadband IoT

-      Critical IoT

-      Industrial Automation IoT

Ericsson map of cellular IoT networks

Massive IoT

  • 50% of Massive IoT RAN launched networks
  • World’s firsts Cat-M1 networks (AT&T, Verizon)
  • World’s firsts NB-IoT extended cell range 100km (Telstra) (DISH)
  • World’s first Massive IoT enabled Smart factory (China Mobile)
  • Massive IoT for millions smart meters (Telia)
  • Ericsson and Telstra won Top Innovation Award for NB-IoT at GSMA Asia Mobile Awards 2019

Broadband IoT

Critical IoT

Industrial Automation IoT

  • Founding company of 5G-ACIA
  • 5G for wireless automation (ABB)
  • 5G for automotive manufacturing (Audi)
  • 5G for automation in mining  (Boliden)
  • 5G for industrial revolution (SKF)
  • Ericsson’s own smart factories (China, US, Europe)


Cellular IoT Solution

A range of enhanced functionalities and new solutions for cellular IoT segments.

IoT Accelerator Platform

An IoT platform for rapid deployment, innovation and ecosystem collaboration

Unlock critical broadband networks for governments and industries

New business models are emerging for industries. From owning and operating their own networks, industries with critical communication needs are now procuring private networks and services that leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations – without compromising required local control.

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5G Access

Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth.

5G Transport

5G is changing the game of mobile transport. Stay ahead of the game by securing radio performance, together with easier automation and seamless orchestration across all your 4G and 5G networks.

Network Services

Network intelligence aims to create self-learning networks to optimize workforce and network efficiency as well as improve network performance.

Fixed wireless access

Are you aware that up to 50% of the world’s population are still waiting for reliable broadband access? This large number of underserved households represents a profitable fixed wireless access (FWA) growth opportunity for current 3GPP operators – and our recent studies show FWA investments typically have a payback time of less than two years.

Mission Critical Networks

Next generation, highly secure and high capacity mission critical mobile communication services for governments and industries.

Urban wireless

Network performance drives consumer loyalty. By delivering superior connectivity to areas previously underserved by the macro network, indoor, street and outdoor small cell solutions enable subscribers to receive a seamless and robust service whenever and wherever it is required.

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