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Time to capitalize on the potential of fixed wireless access

Up to 50% of the world’s citizens are still waiting for reliable broadband access. For mobile operators, that market demand offers a huge opportunity for growth. Fixed wireless access (FWA) provides a bridge to those potential customers.

With a fixed wireless access offering, network operators can supply vast amounts of new customers with broadband internet. By delivering broadband over existing LTE mobile networks, operators can rapidly increase revenue in untapped markets. Today, operators may be underutilizing as much as 80% radio spectrum in suburban and rural areas, but now it is possible to turn that unused spectrum into a valuable consumer offering.

Fixed wireless access has great potential to provide broadband for homes and businesses in rural and suburban areas.

What is FWA?

What is FWA?

Fixed wireless access is a service utilizing wireless radio technology (i.e. mobile networks) to deliver broadband internet to residences and businesses.

FWA is a high performance yet cost-effective solution to provide broadband in many areas where fixed broadband (such as DSL, cable or fiber alternatives) are limited.

Why does FWA make sense now?

Advances in radio technology, gains in spectrum and demand for broadband everywhere make now the perfect time to strengthen your FWA offering.

High performance

With guaranteed bit rates, FWA is a cost effective way to deliver reliable broadband.

Spectrum availability

More spectrum is becoming available for FWA offerings.

Cost effective

FWA allows for precise rollout with upgrades to existing wireless infrastructure.

Government investment

Realizing national broadband plans requires cost-effective solutions like FWA.

Bridge the digital divide with fixed wireless access

Today, governments want to provide broadband all their citizens. With wide-ranging goals, from improving education and health services to increasing national gross domestic product GDP, public officials are ready to invest in broadband to promote the advancement of businesses, schools and communities.

Access to fixed wireless access helps public authorities achieve these ambitious goals, while minimizing the cost of investment and accelerating rollout. Providing high-speed connectivity via FWA in areas without fiber or fixed networks has a positive impact on communities, with rapid return on investment (ROI).

Bridge the digital divide with fixed wireless access

FWA can boost revenue with precision rollout

Fixed wireless access offers the means to provide ”wireless fiber” – fiber-like services, in terms of capacity and speed. But the rollout and operation of fixed wireless access is more cost-efficient than fiber, which requires sizeable investments in installation and upkeep.

In developed areas, fixed wireless access can be a “last mile” solution to provide homes and businesses with broadband. In areas without cable, fiber or copper infrastructure, fixed wireless access is the solution many communities are looking for.

By targeting areas with the best potential for return, operators can choose more precisely where to invest. Customer-side installation of consumer premises equipment (CPE) solutions makes it easy connect more customers at a low cost.

The evolution to 5G strengthens your FWA offering

The business case for fixed wireless access as an improvement to mobile broadband only becomes stronger as LTE evolves. With the ability to use larger chunks of radio spectrum to provide improved latency and capacity, the evolution to 5G will take fixed wireless access to a whole new level.

Fixed wireless access for both small and medium-sized enterprise (sme), and residential applications is already gaining momentum. With 10 to 100 times more capacity than 4G, 5G has the potential to enable cost-efficient fixed wireless access solutions on a massive scale.

5G Fixed Wireless Access

With the evolution to 5G, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) offers a path to deployments on a massive scale and better services for customers.

How can you better monetize your network with FWA?

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Fixed wireless access on a massive scale with 5G

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