Security And Trust In The Networked Society

The Networked Society will bring a much wider use case spectrum than in telephony. These use cases will bring stricter requirements on security.

Connected cars, vaccine distribution, and smart electricity meters are all indicators that society is growing increasingly interconnected. Widespread connectivity brings with it great benefits and freedom but it also increases our vulnerability. As our lives become increasingly integrated with our technical environment, cyber threats move closer and affect our personal and financial information, our homes, our vehicles, and even our bodies.

Failure to secure connected devices and the information they have access to could be harmful. It would certainly prove to be a showstopper for business opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

At Ericsson, we see the Networked Society as more than a complex system of “things.” We understand it as capable of converging man and machine, the internet and reality. We must explore security solutions that are usable, manageable, non-intrusive, and relevant to the Networked Society’s threat landscape. We need to make end-users feel comfortable enough to trust networked services.

The IoT spans all economic sectors, including ICT: automotive, industrial automation, building, energy/utilities, healthcare, agriculture and transport. We here at Ericsson address the fact that such disparity does not represent a homogeneous environment, as use cases are very different. This is being addressed in the 5G development.


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Aniruddho Basu

Written by:

Aniruddho Basu
Vice President, Technology Portfolio & Advisory for the Ericsson Group

Aniruddho Basu is Vice President, Technology Portfolio & Advisory for the Ericsson Group, and is also the Principal Advisor to the Group CTO. His responsibilities include Technology Foresight & Scanning, Technology Strategy, Network Security, Partnerships, and Portfolio Development. One of his current focus areas in Ericsson is 5G and related technology and ecosystem development. Aniruddho has 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector and has worked for a number of multinational companies. He has been with Ericsson since 2003 and has held roles in Sales, Business Development, Product Development, Strategy and Portfolio Management. He holds an MBA in International Business, and a BE in Electronics & Communications.