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Jul 30, 2019 | News

Inspiring a new generation of girls in tech

Young women aspiring to a career in technology got to meet and speak with a host of influential and senior figures in the technology world at the Step into STEM technology summit in London last week, with Ericsson as one of the hosts

Jul 25, 2019 | News

IIT Kanpur and Ericsson partner to address the growing air pollution in Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) and Ericsson have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to deploy a NB-IoT based sensor network to monitor air pollution in Delhi.


Jul 23, 2019 | News

Ericsson and Telstra complete Australia’s first 5G end-to-end standalone call

Ericsson and Telstra have successfully completed Australia’s first end-to-end 5G SA (stand-alone) call at Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast Australia, accelerating efforts on the 5G evolution path.


Jul 22, 2019 | News

Ericsson and Swisscom bring 5G indoors

Ericsson and Swisscom have deployed 5G Radio Dots in the Swiss service provider’s live 5G commercial network and simultaneously made the first 5G data call in Europe between two offices over the 5G Radio Dot System during a Joint Mobile Day event in Bern, Switzerland.


Jul 17, 2019 | Press release

Финансовые результаты Ericsson: чистая прибыль составила 1,8 млрд крон во втором квартале 2019 года

Компания Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) сегодня представила финансовые результаты за второй квартал 2019 года, показав положительную динамику всех ключевых показателей. 

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Jul 17, 2019 | Press release

Ericsson rapporterar andra kvartalet 2019

Also available in English , Pусский

Jul 17, 2019 | Press release

Ericsson reports second quarter results 2019

Also available in Svenska , Pусский

Jul 12, 2019 | News

Ericsson, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm data session success takes step towards delivering 5G on low-band spectrum

Ericsson has again proven its 5G leadership by working with major industry partners to achieve a significant test landmark towards the launch of commercial 5G on low-band spectrum. T-Mobile’s lab in Bellevue, Washington, was the scene of the success when Ericsson, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm Technologies completed the world’s first low-band 5G-New Radio (NR) data session on a commercial 5G modem.