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Ericsson demos future networks at Mobile World Congress 2024

As thousands descend upon Barcelona this weekend for Mobile World Congress 2024, Ericsson gears up for the much-awaited industry event of the year with a showcase of its latest Network solutions covering technologies such as Open RAN, Fixed Wireless Access and Mission Critical Communications.

Photo of entrance to the Ericsson booth at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

From an augmented reality (AR) station and Open RAN stand to a Mission Critical Communications live demo showing how low-latency 5G can help reduce the threat of wildfire and save lives – Ericsson is on a mission to engage with participants using proof points of what the company can offer in a fast-evolving market.

Ericsson’s presence at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile industry event, always draws high attention among visitors. Adorned with the latest hardware and software solutions, the Ericsson booth includes network-related demos that offer insights into technologies for future networks marked by high performance, sustainability, openness and automation.

The Networks showcase includes the 12 recently launched hardware and software products that offer service providers freedom of choice in evolving network architecture, push the performance of 5G multi-layer networks to the maximum level, and prepare the ground for intent-based automated networks.

This year, Ericsson’s show floor consists of four major areas. Visitors will be taken on a technology journey through demos showcasing how to capture the value of 5G for consumers, as well as for enterprises and the public sector. Some exciting demos in these areas include Fixed Wireless Access, performance business models, and immersive communications as new, compelling and near-term business opportunities based on network slicing, low latency and augmented reality.

A Mission Critical Communications live demo showcases an innovative power grid monitoring solution that uses low-latency 5G to reduce the threat of wildfire by de-energizing a falling power line before it hits the ground and causes a fire, potentially saving lives and property

Creating the future networks – open, programmable and sustainable

Under the common denominator of shaping the future together, Ericsson will present its industry vision, 6G technology straight from the labs, and solutions for boosting sustainability by demonstrating how it is possible to deploy and expand 5G while reducing energy consumption in the radio network. Ericsson will also show how digitalization use cases can reduce carbon emission.

The largest area of the show floor is dedicated to programmable networks, with demos showcasing solutions for differentiated 5G connectivity such as network slicing, API exposure, and Time-Critical Communications. There are demos spotlighting the development of cloud-based open networks, solutions for secure and resilient networks, and more.

The focus of the hardware wall – the display area that attracts the most attention every year – will be on the latest enhancements in Ericsson’s radio, transport and antenna portfolios that bring more performance, sustainability, openness and automation.

Several demos feature the popular openness theme, showing that Ericsson is not just building networks, but defining the future towards cloud and automation, enabling an open and growing ecosystem of innovation together with customers and partners. These demos – spanning Cloud RAN services, Open RAN industrialization, intelligent RAN automation, and use cases – visualize how the company is leading the shift to open, programmable, cloud-native networks that deliver better performance, security, and energy efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership.

Not to be missed is the Cloud RAN at scale demo with a third-party radio mounted. This demo highlights how Ericsson is industrializing Open RAN in all three areas of open architectures – cloudification, open management, and open interfaces, as well as how cloud-based open networks will enable a move towards fully programmable mobile networks.

More than 93,000 attendees are expected to visit the Fira Grand Via in Barcelona during the four-day MWC 2024 event, from 26 to 29 February 2024, and Ericsson’s booth at Hall 2 (2O60) is sure to be one of the event’s highlights.


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