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Market development partnerships

Market development partnerships aim to enhance Ericsson’s market insights. They bridge engagements from research, standardization, policy and regulation, industry alliances, innovation engagements, and product/solution proof-of-concepts and trials.

Driving openness for ecosystem innovation

Ericsson is a key driver of openness in mobile networks. We have seen the value of openness through all mobile generations. With 4G, openness paved the way for the arrival of disruptive internet companies and the emergence of a new app ecosystem. With 5G, we expect the impact to be even greater, moving technology boundaries to create the biggest innovation platform ever.

Ericsson ONE - Where ideas are made

Ericsson ONE Venture Studio is an internal accelerator for Ericsson employees with pioneering new business ideas. We give our talented people the chance to develop these ideas and build successful ventures beyond our core business. By leveraging Ericsson’s global scale, technology, relationships and expertise we help make their startups a success.

Setting standard

From the first analog systems to 2G, 3G, 4G and, today, 5G and beyond, Ericsson’s global collaborations with telecom operators, industries and academia have played a crucial role in developing standards that meet the needs of consumers, different industries and society as a whole. By fulfilling their needs, the tools for a connected, safer and more environmentally friendly society are provided, enabling an enriched life for consumers and increased efficiency for all industries.

5G for Sustainable Transportation

In this session, Erik Ekudden is joined by Christian Levin, President and CEO at Scania Group where they discuss sustainable transportation and their joint commitment on combating climate change with new technology. 

Collaboration inquiry

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