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Electric vehicle chargers

Electric vehicle chargers support diverse use cases that contribute to the growth of sustainable transportation and reduce carbon emissions. Examples include public parking spaces, roadside charging, residential charging and fast charging stations.
Electric car plugged into charger

Benefits of having a cellular connection
Connecting chargers for electric vehicles with cellular technology creates value for the related ecosystem in several ways - here are some examples:

  • Users can easily locate and check for charger availability. This helps minimize “anxiety of range” that might otherwise hamper the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Billing for EV charging is being revolutionized through cellular technology, providing users with seamless payment experiences.
  • Users can enjoy an optimized price point, as cellular connectivity allows charging to be scheduled when the electricity price is low.
  • Charge station operators can remotely monitor, update, and configure the charging stations, decreasing the need for on-site maintenance.

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