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Handheld/rugged devices

The dynamic way in which handheld/rugged devices are used, requires reliable connectivity in order to support and deliver data-dependent business processes in various situations.
Mine worker using a mobile high-speed connection

Benefits of having a cellular connection
Cellular connectivity is the only viable option when a self-sufficient mobile high-speed connection is needed. In certain scenarios, PTToC (Push-To-Talk-over-Cellular) is especially useful.

For example, during a large-scale music festival, security officers on duty may face challenges in accessing mobile data due to bandwidth consumption by concertgoers that are streaming videos.

By prioritizing critical communications, PTToC technology can guarantee reliable and efficient communication channels, strengthening the ability to fulfill duties effectively and maintaining public safety.

Use case examples
• Handheld computers
• Rugged phones
• Construction
• Emergency response - mission critical
PTToC (Push-To-Talk-over-Cellular)
• Barcode readers
• Lone worker devices