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Evolved Packet Gateway

The Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG) is a key node in the Evolved Packet Core solution which provides the Serving Gateway, PDN Gateway, User Plane Function and Traffic Detection functionality for GSM, WCDMA, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and CDMA interworking while providing seamless transitions between the access types

The EPG is deployed across hundreds on customer network globally, support many mission critical fixed and mobile networks with its rich feature set supporting a wide range of cellular service offerings and has achieved proven excellent in-service performance (ISP) figures, 99.999% during high traffic conditions.

Available natively and on any cloud platform, scaling up to support the worlds largest networks and scaling down to support niche new industry verticals and use cases the EPG offers the the best in class user plane performance and highest available service for any Mobile network operator deployment.

Mobile Packet Services

The Deep Packet Inspection and Service Classification features detect different types of traffic and can be used for traffic shaping purposes under different network load conditions. This enhances the user experience resulting in innovative business models and greater user satisfaction and loyalty.
Differentiate offerings making use of Charging, Policies, QoS and Slicing capabilities

User Experience

Users expecting for mobile connectivity requires uninterrupted, high speed, always on connectivity, the EPG provides Inter Chassis Redundancy and smooth software upgrades for service and network robustness, High user peak rates for best user experience exceeding LTE and meeting 5G requirements and integrated transparent traffic optimization providing superior user experiences.
The EPG continually demonstrates the best performanceandfootprint efficient available on the market, in both native and virtual deployments, out performing the 'real-world' performance of comparable products.

Operational Flexibility

The EPG is deployable across NFV and native environments, with extensive multi vendor NFV deployments experience and open interfaces in multiple different deployment types.
The EPG continually supports the latest industry technologies and operating models, manageable with open interfaces and using DEVOPS.
Evolution of managing traffic volumes and high workloads can be flexible deployed using the Control and User Plane Separation.

5G migration experience