Massive IoT Packet Core

Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core product addresses the growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry. As a service provider, you may already have a dedicated IoT organization for B2B. When introducing new IoT services, a key goal for business operations is to have flexibility, separation of concerns and speed. Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core is a product that is deployed as a dedicated virtualized network slice, meeting the service provider needs. 

IoT can be divided into two main use case areas: massive IoT and critical IoT*. Massive IoT is defined by low cost, low energy and small data IoT use cases, such as smart metering, smart agriculture, logistics, fleet management and tracking.

Massive IoT introduces devices and applications to different behaviors, compared to traditional mobile broadband smartphones, tablets, PCs etc. For example, massive IoT applications can be synchronous in their behavior in large groups of devices, while mobile broadband users have individually-based behaviors. Massive IoT typically implies lower ARPU subscriptions compared to mobile broadband, but this is expected to grow to a very high number of connected devices.

The Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core product enables the growth of Massive IoT by supporting low-cost devices with a battery life of 10+ years, coverage enhancements +20dB and high-latency communication with an optimized high-capacity Packet Core.

*Critical IoT requires high-reliability, ultra-low latency, higher data volumes for use cases such as traffic safety, remote manufacturing, real-time automation and other industrial applications with real-time requirements.


Fast Deployment

The automated deployment process brings Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core into service in less than an hour, which would have taken ordinarily a number of days to achieve manually.

High Capacity

More than 50 million connected devices are supported by Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core in one single deployment.

This state-of-the-art density is achieved by optimized signaling and resource handling of massive IoT traffic use cases


Manage unexpected network disturbances and peak loads, and keep service continuity with advanced overload protection and load-control mechanisms