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5G to accelerate 2045 Golden Indonesia Vision, states Ericsson

Ericsson Imagine Live showcases 5G use cases for consumers and enterprises


Press release
May 28, 2024
Imagine Live 5G
(L-R) Fawzy Siddik and Farid Siddik, Commissioners of Ericsson Indonesia; ⁠Erik Odar, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Sweden; ⁠Angeliqa Lejonberg, Head of Economic Affairs and Public Diplomacy, Embassy of Sweden; ⁠Krishna Patil, Head of Ericsson Indonesia; Dr. Ir. Denny Setiawan S.T., M.T, Director of Spectrum Policy and Planning at Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia; and⁠ ⁠Saiful Bahri, Director of PIDI 4.0 at the opening of the Imagine Live 2024 event at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today unveiled its Ericsson Imagine Live 2024 roadshow in Indonesia, showcasing Ericsson’s advanced technology solutions and 5G use cases that are relevant for Indonesia as it transitions to a digital economy.

Speaking at the inaugural session of Ericsson Imagine Live, Krishna Patil, Head of Ericsson Indonesia, highlighted the role of 5G infrastructure in accelerating the digitalization of Indonesia and ensuring its sustainable economic growth. “The robust, secure digital infrastructure that we are setting up in Indonesia will help bridge the digital divide, create employment opportunities, boost the economy, and digitally transform the country,” he said.

Ericsson, in fact, was the first to trial 5G in Indonesia and enable its customers to launch non-Standalone 5G back in 2021.

Mr Patil emphasized that the timely access to affordable mid-band spectrum would serve as an important enabler to accelerate 5G deployment and enable the full benefits of connectivity for Indonesia. He also reiterated the importance of getting clarity on timing for mid-band spectrum allocations in Indonesia. Investment-friendly allocation terms for spectrum would act as a catalyst to accelerate 5G deployment in Indonesia, he added.

According to the GSMA, from 2024-2030, 5G is forecasted to contribute more than USD 41 billion in GDP to the Indonesian economy.

“5G will empower Indonesia to unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 and will be the foundation on which the country can realize the government’s “2045 Digital Indonesia” vision,” stated Mr Patil.

Ericsson Imagine Live

The 5G use cases and demonstrations have been organized in four zones: ‘Capture the value of 5G’; ‘Enterprise Transformation’; ‘Shape our Future together’ and ‘Programmable networks’. Referring to the four zones in which the demos have been organized, Mr Patil stated that the advent of 5G is opening new opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) both in the established mobile broadband business and through the exploration of new value pools. “The interconnected evolution of the mobile broadband business, fixed wireless access, private networks, and programmable networks, based on the exposure of network capabilities to application developers, showcases a layered approach to business development. Service providers in Indonesia have the opportunity to pursue these avenues in parallel, maximizing their potential for value creation in the rapidly evolving 5G landscape,” stated Mr Patil.

In the ‘Capture the value of 5G’ zone, consumers can experience sports like never before with the Immersive Sports Fan demo, where a feature-rich app allows sports clubs to engage directly with their vast fan bases, creating new revenue streams. Leveraging network slicing and APIs, CSPs can ensure the immersive fan experience and gain revenue share. As per an Ericsson ConsumerLab Study on capturing 5G value: Turning performance into loyalty’, 5G users in Indonesia spend, on average, 35 minutes more per day than users in the 5G early adopter markets on data-demanding digital services such as streaming video in 4K/HD format, doing video calling, multiplayer mobile gaming, and e-sports. In 2024, Ericsson is extending CSP slicing subscriptions to include micro-payments for on demand connectivity needs.

Another demo called ‘The Superior Uplink demo’ for Live streams, offers seamless real-time livestreaming via commercially available XR, AR, or VR headsets, overcoming the hindrance of 5G upload speeds with Uplink Carrier Aggregation. This technology boosts upload speeds by combining frequencies, enhancing performance, promoting Standalone 5G adoption, and optimizing spectrum utilization.

In the ‘Programmable Networks’ zone, Ericsson is showcasing how it is transforming the mobile network landscape by enabling sustainable and scalable service differentiation for premium 5G experiences with Service Level Agreement assurance, revolutionizing CSP offerings. Ericsson’s new software toolkit with advanced RAN and Core capabilities empowers CSPs to seize growth opportunities by providing differentiated connectivity at scale. Another demo showcases how Ericsson’s RedCap technology supports CSPs' business growth by reducing the complexity and size of device platforms for mid-tier use cases, expanding the 5G ecosystem to cater to diverse connectivity needs across consumer and enterprise/industrial segments on both FDD and TDD bands.

The ‘Enterprise Transformation’ zone showcases how critical infrastructure industries such as mines, wind farms, and oil refineries can enhance worker safety and efficiency with 5G. Partnering with RealWear and OverIT, Ericsson is enabling secure, reliable, real time access to complex data in order to provide an immersive connected worker experience for use in hazardous environments where accurate positioning and the ability to handle a high density of connected devices is required.

In the ‘Shape our Future Together’ zone, Ericsson is building on the successful API showcase at Mobile World Congress 2023 with partners like Zoom and Blacknut. The Company is demonstrating high-demand use cases with world-leading brands such as Toyota and Sony using QoD API with network slicing. This underscores Ericsson’s thought leadership in the Network API and 5G monetization space, aligning with the Company’s strategy to build a platform business and its vision of industry cooperation with strong partners.

Powering more than 160 live 5G networks, Ericsson is at the forefront of 5G around the world and is recognized as an industry leader by the Frost Radar™: Global 5G Network Infrastructure Market report. Maintaining top ranking in the Frost Radar™ report over the past years has shown that Ericsson’s investments in R&D and across a wide product portfolio – which includes all areas of 5G network infrastructure as well as previous generations of network infrastructure – is valued in a market where technology is constantly evolving.

With its presence of more than 117 years in Indonesia, Ericsson remains committed to supporting the Indonesian government’s digital agenda and enabling its customers, the communication service providers, to capture the value of 5G.


Ericsson 5G differentiated connectivity


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