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Odido selects Ericsson for Service Order Management evolution

  • Odido will consolidate a number of legacy systems under a single Ericsson-based platform to streamline end-to-end order fulfillment and orchestration.
  • The decision will enhance Odido’s ability to deliver new services across its fixed and mobile business segments enabling new revenue streams in the Netherlands.
Press release
Jun 18, 2024

Odido has selected Ericsson for the consolidation and transformation of its Service Order Management platform, an important milestone in the Dutch Communication Service Provider (CSP)’s telco to techco transformation.

Bringing together a number of legacy tools and solutions under this new catalog-driven Service Order Management platform comprised of Ericsson Order Care and Ericsson Catalog Manager, part of the Business and Operations Support Systems portfolio, means Odido will benefit from a cloud-native, fully catalog-driven order management solution powered by zero-touch automation.

The transformation and consolidation will create a single layer for Service Order Management across Odido and its subsidiary brands Ben, Tele2 Thuis and Simpel, and across all customer segments (consumer subscribers as well as enterprise and B2B2X) in its fixed and mobile businesses. Odido will use the new capabilities in support of its strategy to increase monetization of its 5G investments, increase operational efficiency by reducing order fall-outs, automate catalog driven fulfillment, and provide a quick overview and monitoring of orders on modern order dashboards. In addition, the new catalog-driven Service Order Management platform will make it easier for customers, employees and partners to create and maintain Odido’s offerings, enhancing service experience all round. Crucially, it will also reduce time to market and time to revenue when introducing new fixed and mobile services.

The products provided by Ericsson in this project are “Ready for ODA”, meaning they are aligned with TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) blueprint, ensuring their efficacy in a multi-vendor and multi-technology integrated ecosystem. Along with this openness comes significant improvements in operability and workflow creation, especially valuable in the process of creating and delivering new services based on the network.

Johan Van den Branden, Chief Network Officer of Odido says: “Reforming our legacy telecom IT systems to ensure we have the most efficient and reliable ordering and fulfillment platform possible is a key step in our telecom IT transformation. It will not only greatly simplify our current ways of delivering services and great service experiences, but puts Odido in the right position to explore more advanced technical ideas, like API exposure of the network, which will endure all our customers feel the true value of 5G.”

Fatih Noyan, Country Manager of Ericsson in the Netherlands: “This new agreement builds upon Odido’s selection of Ericsson Adaptive Inventory in 2021 and is yet another example of the successful collaboration between Ericsson and Odido to drive their transformation in the 5G era. We are proud to be a part of this next step as it unlocks automation, agility, and reliability in how Odido delivers services to their customers. The platform approach ensures the decisions made today secure the performance and efficiency of the network long into the future.”