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Ericsson ConsumerLab Report shows strong preference for Fixed Wireless Access among Türkiye households

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  • 8 out of 10 households in Türkiye with Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) choose it as a full replacement for previously used connectivity  
  • Network satisfaction for FWA is on par with fiber. Households in Türkiye using FWA indicate that it outperforms wired solutions in flexibility, customization and ease of installation
  • ConsumerLab Report on FWA provides service providers with value-based, performance-based and customization-based positioning strategies for capturing FWA growth
Press release
May 13, 2024
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Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today published its latest ConsumerLab Report revealing the survey results of consumers’ perceptions of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

First of its kind globally, covering 19 countries, including Türkiye and representing 370 million households, where 1.2 billion individuals live, the Ericsson ConsumerLab study findings offer a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the evolving consumer choices and perceptions related to FWA as a connectivity option.

The report provides service providers with the tools they need to capture FWA growth and recommends value-based, performance-based and customization-based positioning strategies to capture different household segments and drive FWA adoption effectively.

In Türkiye, the survey included 1,000 household representatives, comprising 100 active FWA users, and represented a total population of 50 million residents in the surveyed households. 

The findings from Türkiye reveal a shift in trend: FWA is becoming the primary choice for connectivity to homes., with 8 in 10 households opting for FWA as a full replacement for previous connectivity used. Their commitment to FWA and the enhanced capabilities that FWA brings – serve to support the view that FWA is a booster for enhanced connectivity, as it enables households to enjoy better and more reliable connectivity. 

Additionally, 1 in 3 households believes that wired capabilities are superior to wireless, especially in terms of speed and reliability. The main driver for choosing FWA is to get higher speed, while the main barrier is the perception that wired offers greater consistency and stability. 

The study also shows that households expressed higher satisfaction using FWA than fiber in terms of service experience (delivery time, contract conditions, equipment quality and cost level), and satisfaction is on par with fiber for network performances (speed, indoor coverage, security, and capacity).  

Isil Yalcin, Vice President and Head Ericsson Türkiye at Ericsson Middle East and Africa says: “The new Ericsson ConsumerLab Report represents the situation of 12 million households in Türkiye. One of the distinctive characteristics of Fixed Wireless Access is its cost-effective, flexible, rapid deployment nature and potential to provide reliable connectivity. Indeed, the findings of this current report have validated household preferences for high-speed broadband and convenience in Türkiye, which is conveniently provided by Fixed Wireless Access.’’

Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Head of ConsumerLab says: "The report explores the high potential growth of the FWA market given that 1 in 2 households have stated their interest in FWA and highlights that even beyond the US, households choosing FWA are abandoning their previous home broadband connections."  

Download the Ericsson ConsumerLab report: Capturing the 5G FWA opportunity – A household view



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