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Data protection

Media and content regulations

Industrial internet and IoT

Demand side ICT issues

Key demand side ICT policy issues are: Industrial internet and Internet of Things, media and content regulations, data protection and data-driven innovation. The overarching aim is to regulate conditions and responsibilities of commercial actors, create new opportunities for society and to regulate rights. Data-driven innovation policies focus on the ability of ICT to increase innovation and efficiency in industrial sectors and enable new business models, while securing customer privacy protection.

Smart device

Industrial internet and Internet of Things

A number of business sectors, such as health, electricity, transport and energy, are currently experiencing an accelerated rate of digitization. Increased use of ICT may upset the status quo, resulting in changing relationships in the existing value chains, and in new business models.

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Data protection

Data protection deals with the regulation of data subjects’ rights and data users obligations, as well as the collection, processing and dissemination of personal data. It also regulates the transfer of data across national boundaries, as well as the roles and responsibilities in the data processing value chain. Increasingly, the challenge is about securing data protection objectives, while at the same time, enabling societal transformation toward a digital society that is able to use data and insights to achieve its all overarching key objectives.

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Media and content regulations

The multi-platform environment is the reality of the media industry. The related regulatory frameworks aim to set obligations, and define the roles and responsibilities of media service and content providers. In many jurisdictions, policy makers also aim to protect consumers through content classification, as well as promote public interest objectives by endorsing the special role of public service broadcasters.

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