Spectrum awards

Timely licensing of harmonized spectrum suitable for 4G and 5G is a requirement to achieve early mass market services and applications.
Spectrum awards

Spectrum awards and renewal of spectrum need to be reasonably priced to allow also for meaningful network deployments addressing the ICT policy objectives.

For the support of introduction of 5G, awarded national licenses should include spectrum in low-, mid- and high-bands to support all possible business cases.

For initial deployments, a minimum of 80 – 100 MHz of mid-band spectrum within the 3300 – 4200 MHz and 4400-5000 MHz bands, and 400 – 500 MHz of high-band spectrum within the 26 GHz, 28 GHz, 39 GHz and 42 GHz bands per licensee are needed. Later, an additional 80-100 MHz of mid-band spectrum and 1 – 2 GHz of high-band spectrum per licensee will be needed.

Spectrum in the low-bands 450 MHz, 600 MHz and 700 MHz bands are needed to connect the unconnected and to increase geographical network coverage and to ensure a successful introduction of IoT solutions.

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