Supply side ICT policy issues

Key supply side ICT policy issues are: national broadband plans, network regulations and spectrum management with the aim to increase availability of connectivity, protect consumers and promote competition in connectivity markets. Furthermore, these policy topics address effective roll-out of ICT infrastructure, increase market efficiency and promote efficient utilization of scarce spectrum resources.


National broadband plans

The aim of these plans is to increase the roll out of broadband infrastructure within a geographic region, typically specifying an ambition in terms of expected service speeds, service roll out time and sometimes adoption. The plans may also include public funding and cooperation mechanisms.

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Networked society toolkit for policy makers

As an extension to National broadband plans, policy makers have been involved in national digital strategies. Ericsson has be an active contributor in this process and one of its contribution was to support the development of a policy maker guide to the Networked Society.

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Network regulation

Ericsson strongly believes in an Open Internet, where users are free to access the legal content of their choosing. At the same time, we support the ISP’s need for flexibility to support future investment in high performance networks.

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Spectrum management

Spectrum management is about using scarce resources and allocating new spectrum to the highest value. It also includes global or regional coordination and harmonization of spectrum usage to decrease cost of technology by increasing economies of scale.

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