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5G Insights Time Capsule

5G Insights Time Capsule

Tracking years of consumer voices on 5G technology

Welcome to the "5G Insights Time Capsule," your definitive source for 5G consumer surveys on the evolution of 5G technology since its launch in 2019

As we journey through this transformative period in telecommunication, Ericsson ConsumerLab comprehensive collection of reporting from its 5G surveys captures the nuances, shifts, and sentiments of consumers worldwide. The collection of consumer behavior reports not only sheds light on the adoption patterns and performance perceptions but also offers a window into how 5G has reshaped daily experiences, expectations, and aspirations. Whether you're an tech enthusiast, a professional, or simply curious, delve deep into this treasure trove of insights to understand the 5G era through the consumer lens.

Latest 5G report

5G value: Turning performance into loyalty

Ericsson ConsumerLab has conducted research across 28 global 5G markets, identifying four key trends for capturing 5G value, and giving communication service providers vital insights into what drives 5G network satisfaction and user retention.

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What do next wave 5G consumers want?

Our research reveals that the next wave of 5G is underway, with mainstream consumers now adopting 5G in frontrunner markets that launched 5G early on. It also highlights six key 5G trends and suggests how communications service providers can respond to the expectations of both early adopters and the next wave of consumers, driving further 5G adoption.

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5G pacesetters - what's their secret?

Our new ConsumerLab report, the first industry study of its kind, looks at 73 service providers in 22 markets across the world, analyzing their market performance and consumer perception to form a 5G Maturity Index. Using the data collected, we identified four stages of 5G maturity, from 5G Explorers to 5G Pacesetters – those leading the charge in both performance and innovation – and highlight the six strategies they have used to get to this position.

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What do early adopters think of the 5G network experience?

In this ConsumerLab insight report, the biggest ever 5G consumer study, covering opinions of 1.3 billion consumers and 220 million 5G users, we uncover the key trends that are influencing the adoption, usage and perception of consumers towards 5G, and suggest five important steps service providers can take to meet consumer expectations now and in the future.

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Ericsson Startup 5G program

5G is more than just a technology, it is a platform for innovation. But players across the ecosystem need to work together to realize its full potential.

Creating 5G value to consumers

5G represents a great potential for service providers to drive innovation, improve user experience, and address new market opportunities. Leading service providers are already converting the capabilities of 5G into revenue growth. Explore the 5G consumer potential.

Step inside the world of XR

Experts are predicting that extended reality (XR) devices may replace smartphones as our mobile device of choice. Meanwhile, immersive virtual concerts are taking center stage at global events. Now is the time to learn about the opportunities of XR – and how Ericsson’s Startup 5G program can help.

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