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In a world that is increasingly complex,  we are on a quest for easy. We are creating game changing technology  that is easy to use, adapt and scale, enabling our customers to capture the full value of connectivity.

Find out how our IoT, 5G and automation technology stands ready to unlock a wave  of new value.

Innovation in action


Efficient network hauls

We're increasing transportation efficiency and reducing carbon emissions via 5G-enabled truck platoons. Find out more on how our technology changes transportation.

The human touch in remote robotic assisted surgery

The human touch in remote robotic assisted surgery

We're enabling surgeons and doctors perform diagnosis and remote surgery on patients anywhere in the world. Read more how connectivity is improving healthcare. 

Cut the cables. Cut the waste.That's smart manufacturing

The industry of IoT

5G manufacturing. Gain secure and stable flexibility. Customize and automate production faster than ever before. Explore our collaboration in smart manufacturing.

Don't wait. Innovate.

This age of advanced machine intelligence, blended virtual and physical realities, and complete network connectivity offers endless opportunities.

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We develop, deliver and manage telecommunication networks by providing hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity. From 5G and IoT to virtualization, we are supporting digital transformation for the next generation of mobile services.

Digital Services

Digital Services

Digitalization is a powerful driver of change, transforming all aspects of business. We help service providers embrace this change with a diverse suite of offerings - from network management and operations (OSS) and revenue and customer management (BSS) to application development and maintenance (ADM) plus much more.

Managed Services

Managed Services

With managed services, we create real value and business differentiation by taking an integrated approach covering all aspects of our customers' businesses. By managing and optimizing telecom networks and IT operations, we enhance operators' ability to meet—and exceed—expectations.